Where’s the license plate this time?Alfa Romeo Tonale official picture exposure, painting style movement worth waiting for

2022-06-12 0 By

Alfa Romeo Tonale is the brand’s second SUV model. It is designed as a compact SUV.In the front part, the classic shield mesh gives a high recognition. It is small in area, but it is also dynamic after blackening. There is a horizontal grille below, and the honeycomb texture is consistent with the mesh.The headlights are arranged horizontally, and the three semicircular daytime running lights look aggressive.Unsurprisingly, the license plate frame won’t be centered either, so you might have to get used to it.The lines of the side of the body are very simple, and the lines of the engine hatch cover extend to the rear of the car, with a distinct sense of layering. Also, the concave and convex shape surface is portrayed on the door through stamping process, which is very aesthetic under the modification of light and shadow.In addition, alfa Romeo’s classic petal – shaped five – wheel hub is retained in the new car.In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4528*1835*1604mm, and the wheelbase is 2818mm. Although the wheelbase is very long, the vehicle length data is average, so it still belongs to the category of compact SUV.The design of the rear car is quite mellow, using the popular through-type taillights. At the same time, the internal lamp source structure echoes with the headlights, and there are also three semicircular designs, which offer a good aesthetic feeling after lighting.For the interior, Alfa Romio Tonale has adopted a new design language. The most significant change is that the central console has become a suspension design, which makes the whole console thinner and lighter, in line with the current aesthetic trend.As for power, there is no word yet on the alfa Romeo Tonale, but it will offer a wide selection of petrol, diesel and hybrid models, with the petrol version likely to include a 48V light blend.GO car comments: Alfa Romeo is a brand advocating speed and competition, although the sound volume is effective in China, but many car fans like it.The launch of the Alfa Romeo Tonale will greatly reduce the barrier to purchase, and it is hoped that it will be introduced to China like the first SUV.