Sichuan Dachuan Middle School Zhang Xing Mei Ming headteacher’s studio was established

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In order to strengthen the practice and research of class management, spread advanced class management concepts and methods, and constantly improve the professional quality of class teachers, On April 1, Sichuan Dachuan Middle School Zhang Xing Mei Ming class teacher studio was officially awarded the establishment.Li Junjun, the head teacher of the training room of the training school, related leaders and head teachers of Dazhou Middle school, Shiqiao Middle School and Jiuling School, all members of zhang Xingmei’s head teacher studio and representatives of young head teachers of Dachuan Middle School attended the opening ceremony.Sun Rencheng, vice principal of Dachuan Middle School, presided over the ceremony.Sun Rencheng first introduced the basic situation of the training staff of Zhang Xingmei’s famous headteacher studio. He hoped that Zhang Xingmei’s famous headteacher studio could gather the high-quality resources of the school and the region where the members of the studio are, and actively carry out the training activities to ensure the orderly progress of the studio work.With the help of rich external professional resources, obtain professional research and study information, strengthen horizontal contact with other headteacher studios, promote each other, and build a broader platform for the studio members to grow;With the help of the rigid support of the research fund and the scientific budget, the focus should be on supporting the members’ professional reading, going out for study, expert guidance, achievement award, as well as the development of various activities in the studio, so as to promote the professional development of the members.Set up special studio training public account, wechat group, etc., timely release research work dynamic information, share studio research resources, publish research members’ professional works, and provide a platform for the formation of a wider range of radiation and drive.In her speech, Zhang Xingmei said that the studio will focus on research projects, take tutor training as the mechanism, combine theoretical knowledge learning with practical wisdom, make reasonable use of various professional resources, formulate scientific, standard and effective work measures, and promote the professional development of studio members.She also drew up a three-year development plan for the studio. By participating in the systematic theoretical study organized by the studio, she accumulated profound professional theories of the studio members, and was able to interpret relevant educational theories and form her own opinions.By participating in a series of research activities in the studio, help the head teacher to dig out their own advantages and the class group, take students as the center, give play to their strengths and form the characteristics of education management;Be able to conduct research on educational management or scientific research topics, and write high-level research reports, papers and team meeting plans;Give full play to the studio’s demonstration, leading, radiation, guidance, for the formation of a wider range of radiation and drive to provide a platform.Li Xingjun talked about the studio’s organizational structure, management ideas, three-year development plan and other specific issues. He hoped that the studio could pool collective wisdom and strength, take the road of professional development, and improve the ability to solve the difficulties, pain points and blocking points in student management and class construction.To promote the formation of “learning-oriented”, “research-oriented”, “innovative” and “reflective” class teachers, build the studio into an engine driven by radiation, a platform for learning and communication, a field for practicing educational ideals and a stage for displaying educational wisdom.Finally, Li Xingjun awarded the card for Zhang Xingmei’s headteacher’s studio.After the meeting, participants visited the sanli campus of Dachuan Middle School for further communication about the studio.Members of the studio also expressed that they would strive to build an influential professional headteacher team with the studio as the carrier in three years to promote the high standard, high quality and balanced development of Dachuan education, enhance the popularity of Dachuan education, and make contributions to the comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development of Dachuan education!Sichuan Dachuan Middle School Ma Yiman 0