Professional “three ask” approach a line, approach lovely electric power construction workers

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As the saying goes, “three hundred and sixty lines of the line out of the top scholar”, and electric power professional is how much, civil engineering, electrical, steam engine, boiler, heat preservation, metal detection……It is a big category, below which there are welding, lifting, installation, heat treatment……And other specific types of work.It can be said that every major is unique, every type of work has its own unique skills, and every seemingly ordinary post is filled with greatness. It is from here that a batch of highly skilled talents have come out and made China a great craftsman.The power construction professional essence and wonderful, bitter and happy, personal growth and harvest, is not known.Since ancient times, there have been “three questions of philosophy”. Now let’s approach the front line through professional “three questions” and approach this group of lovely electric power construction workers to understand their unique professional life.What major really caught your eye?There is a joke on the Internet, what major will impress you?”That’s electric welding.”China can build jiangsu power construction a company of Xinjiang power construction welder Li Moujun reported the answer, confident.Burn yourself in welding, sublimate yourself in arc light, twenty years of persistence, cast this line of the most “bright” son!In dushanzi branch this more than 10 years, Li Moujun experienced large and small rush repair, repair countless.Summer, airtight boiler, narrow channel, intricate pipeline, “lie flat” type, “proposal” type, kneeling type……The welding torch accompanied him to “practice yoga”, sweat through the protective clothing, and Li’s “bright” because of “limited”, more focused and dazzling.In winter, dozens of meters above the air, the cold wind, hands frozen even can not grasp the welding handle, the twilight arc outline his silhouette, plated with a ring of shining gold.Power plant maintenance, many “emergency and dangerous” moments are always “bright” by Li Moujun’s welding gun, welding technology is difficult, high requirements of welding joints, with his participation in the test pass rate is very high.Now, Li Is still focused on the welder, an ordinary post, dazzling people every day, 20 years has not changed.What major keeps people in good shape?1.80 meters, 75 kilograms, this is the boiler quality inspector Xie Daogui of The Shanghai Temple Project Department of jiangsu Power Construction Company, who has been working for 35 years.As a regular walk in dozens of meters high inspection “spiderman”, a good figure is his walking “rivers and rivers” standard match, is also he into the line of more than 30 years “welfare”.Back in 1986, less than half a month into the job, the old master took Xie Daogui to climb dozens of meters high boiler.Although wearing a seat belt and doing a good job of protection, xie Daogui was still a little weak on his feet for the first time.Looking at the master’s foot is not disorderly, the eyes do not panic, in addition to envy, he is more determined to improve their psychological quality, first of all from good physical training, increase the foot of concentration.Think of doing, when the conditions are simple where there are fitness facilities, but Xie Daogui turned waste into treasure, the site of all kinds of waste through his hands, became simple dumbbell, barbell.In addition, his daily work and rest is very regular, early to bed and early to rise, adhere to the morning running, do not smoke and do not drink, strict diet.Such a habit is a adhere to for more than 30 years, accompanied him from high to the foot of the floating, to everywhere like treading on the ground, is the best witness of his life all the way across the north Power Construction.”In the past, when there was no elevator in the construction site, we carried oxygen cylinders of more than 120 kilograms for welding, and we did not breathe when we went up to tens of meters of boiler. It was very important to keep healthy!”Xie Daogui, now over 50 years old, is still a young man from the back. As an old master, he often “shows himself” to the young people who specialize in boilers.What major is loved and hated?”Everyone wants to be safe, but there are always people who don’t want to hear my ‘nagging’.”Zhou Xiaobing, security director of Shanghai Temple Project department of Guodian Electric Power, Jiangsu Power Construction Company of China Energy Construction, happily complained.Zhou Xiaobing has been engaged in safety management for 18 years. Several projects he worked for got full marks while putting into operation with high quality.”Just because I feel that he is there, everyone is not ‘afraid’, I will be nagging.”For Zhou xiaobing, the word “safety” always hangs like the sword of Damocles, the more “chengping”, he is more cautious and treading on thin ice.Nowadays, the on-site safety management is actually far from “listening to Zhou Xiaobing’s nagging” so simple.According to the requirements of “twelve in place” in production safety, from source planning to detail control and then to process monitoring, from scientific to systematic and then to information, the safety of Shanghai Temple project has become a dense web, in which all kinds of human and financial elements, and each gets safe.”In the planning stage, we introduce advanced management concepts of construction enterprises, and adopt access control, real-name entry system and face recognition at the construction site.””In addition, 10 multi-dimensional cameras were installed at the construction site, and each position was arranged in the security planning stage to monitor all dangerous operation points, including the main plant and combination yard, 24 hours a day.In the safety department of the project Department, there is a large screen recording the real-time picture of safety monitoring. Meanwhile, the project manager and the safety section chief can check the situation at any time through the smart site APP installed on their mobile phones.Zhou Xiaobing said as he walked, the construction of smart construction site extended the tentacles of safety management, but did not reduce the number of his daily exercise steps, “the site inspection is the main, can not completely rely on the monitoring screen, this is an auxiliary means.At least 20,000 steps per day, zhou Xiaobing would take photos and record safety violations with his mobile phone whenever he saw them. According to the rules and regulations, he would find the violators and punish them with criticism and education.”It’s all true.”Project safety management is well-founded, Zhou Xiaobing let us both love and fear.