King mystery store limited time to open, drum set fu legend skin, two free epic

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King of Glory’s Year of the Tiger skins are now available, and players have mixed reviews on these skins, but after some planning and optimization, the vast majority of players can still accept the five tiger skins.In addition to limited skins for the Year of the Tiger, players will also receive a number of benefits this New Year, including a limited time opening of the mystery store, a free epic skin, and return to town special effects.The Year of the Tiger kicks off with honor of Kings.This tiger year New Year, “king of glory” ushered in again “mysterious shop”, believe a lot of players took out “5 fold” lucky discount, and brand-new skin price is more direct make a lot of players feel enchanted, especially Liu Bei’s “when the lover”, skin sales far ahead.The period of “store”, planning to join the new epic, a brave man, and the skin legend, the legend of dharma skin originally already rolled off the production line, instead of liu2 bei4 “lover”, as well as MengQi is skin “fat RongRong” legend, the two skin modeling or local effects are impeccable,And the limited-time discount is even higher than the previous first-week offer.”Mystery Store” opens for a limited time during the Spring Festival of the Tiger.Although the “mystery store” makes many players feel enchanted, but this is just the “appetizer” in the year of the Tiger. I don’t know if players have noticed, the plan launched a new limited time activity “Ring drum set blessing”, and this “ring drum set blessing” new activity rewards are also relatively rich.Players need to log in to the game every day and complete the game tasks to earn a limited time item, and players can use the item to obtain the corresponding “activity book”, if the player draws the relevant “activity book”, it can be directly converted into a “wishing bell”.If you draw a friend’s activity book, you need to interact with your friend to get the wishing bell.There are three different prize pools.Players can get the “wishing bell” for lucky draw, activity prize pool is divided into three groups, respectively for “Great Luck”, “lucky”, “small lucky”, and the three prize pool are also corresponding to different quality of reward, each “wishing bell” can only get a lucky draw opportunity.Every lottery players, will take place in three prize pool random refresh, including “fine” award in the pool is guaranteed epic skin, followed by skin and glory crystal reward legend, “ji” is a permanent hero as well as ordinary brave skin rewards, and “small” is back to beat the special effects, special effects, as well as the head box rewards, that is to say as long as time permits,Players will get legendary skins.Many players draw legendary skins in “Great Luck”.I believe many players have noticed the activity rules of “Beating drums to collect blessings”, this limited time activity does not limit the number of the three prize pools, and finally players from the three prize pools, spontaneously choose a more desirable skin.In addition to “fu” bang set activity, players also ushered in the “rose treasure pavilion” warm-up “tiger god send blessing”, this kind of activity in addition to the heart of the rose reward guaranteed, players and probability limit will draw the 5 year of the tiger skin, as well as permanent rose treasure cabinet treasure chest skin’s choice award, and the smoke forever treasure in the pavilion limit the probability of the skin is extremely high.”Tiger God sends blessings” campaign players win the hearts of roses.Now “tiger market” activities have been in full swing, with the official arrival of the Year of the Tiger, planning and free to give players ten free lottery opportunities, according to the common sense players reached 40 times after the lottery, you can get a permanent special effects back to the city.Players will receive a permanent epic skin once they have reached 60 bites in the lottery, though many players are believed to have already won the epic skin.It’s worth noting that Tiger Bazaar also has a chance of winning identical skins, or epic skins that players already have.Which epic skin did players draw in Tiger Bazaar?Players win epic skins in Tiger Bazaar.