Christy Chung does not keep up with her elders!In front of the in-laws to kiss the husband, the old couple are shy

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Christy Chung’s topic has been a lot of, we like her open character, originally thought that the age of 50, not in the case of the film will retire, did not expect little sister through participating in a variety of reality show activities, for themselves to open up a fashion frozen age route.Christy Chung’s fashion line is easy to understand, like to play young like to walk the girl line.Since getting married to her husband who is 12 years younger than her, Christy Chung has a special preference for girls’ styling, and it is easy to even out the age difference of 12 years by dressing younger.The couple both like to pose in the airport very much, but in the handsome style, there is no more eye-catching than Chung’s girl sub pose.That is to say, Chang Lun-suk’s cool style is not as cool as Chung’s girl fans.Match pink black 51 is the color that suits nevertheless, black low-key all-match feeling gave sufficient pink space, not only do not have the stingy feeling that overtakes the host, the slightest won’t affect the effect of whole play.Christy Chung’s trick is to show off her figure, which has nothing to do with her age.Christy Chung is really good at showing off her figure, she is very good at choosing clothes for herself to show her body advantages and curves.Playing on the beach, the two daughters wear leather jumpsuits. They are just like the rest of us, but Christy Chung’s body makes the swimsuit play an unexpected role. There is really no one who has temperament and girly figure.In fact, Christy Chung’s figure is not so slim, even a little obese, but the bold style of dressing makes Christy Chung has her own bright spot, the fat on the body can easily create a tight and curvaceous feeling.Christy Chung’s life is not outstanding, but the figure is fat, she is also a bold style to create a different visual sense.Pay attention to figure proportion and curve concave make, let shortcoming change into the advantage that lets a person shine at the moment.Christy Chung is not much younger than her mother-in-law, but they look like two generations standing together.Every time Christy Chung’s style can make people’s eyes shine, this time wearing Chinese red, not only does not have the tacky effect, but more young and energetic.The changeful shape also makes Christy Chung soon become the queen of changeable fashion. The bright red slim dress creates a perfect figure proportion and graceful figure curve, making red no longer just a festive and conservative color. The thin material makes the figure thinner and the curve more perfect.The tie-in foil of pearl necklace gives high elegance, the likelihood woman thought age, gold necklace already cannot satisfy demand, pearl can show oneself advanced feeling and noblewoman feeling more.Like to play the tender person, she always try every means to concave the girl temperament, Zhong Liti head wearing cat ear hair band, exposed the girl heart, looks very cute and lovely, festive atmosphere also reached the extreme.Zhang Lunshuo’s street style has always been in place, and small accessories are also used in place. Besides a tide suit, fisherman’s hat, necklace and jewelry are not lacking!I have to say that Christy Chung put on such a cute and youthful effect in her fiery red jumpdress, which is really amazing.At her father-in-law’s age, she was young and energetic, wearing a red sweater.In front of her in-laws, Christy Chung did not know how to restrain herself and asked her husband for a kiss, which made her husband blushed. Can’t we take it easy?What do you think?Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.