Make bread at home instead of visiting for Chinese New Year!No glove membrane can be soft and silk, the whole family agreed

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Last year more than a year did not make bread, may be to do too much, became lazy, rest for a while, and addicted to kneading dough, especially this bread, more and more addicting, easy to do, so do not knead the film of thin gloves can also bake clean bread, soft wire, very delicious.I made five different kinds of bread in three days, filled with yogurt, thin cream, and bean filling. I liked it more and more as I made it around the ingredients I could use at home.It is good to make bread at home in the first month of this year. We can kill time, improve our bread making skills, and let our family have delicious homemade bread.I’ve always thought of bread as a kind of family pasta, Chinese steamed bread, as simple as hua roll, learning to make a bread that can change many different flavors and shapes, with careful practice, it’s really easy to make bread, let’s take a look at my crispy, creamy bun.1 egg, 100g water, 30g sugar, 160g light cream, 2g salt, 380g bread flour, high sugar resistant yeast powder 4g, a small amount of homemade bean filling;5g butter, 5g powdered sugar, 10g low-gluten wheat flour, 1 quail egg;1, this bread is filled with red beans, so people often ask the homemade red bean stuffing, red beans after washing with water soak for more than 3 hours, beans expand into the rice cooker, add twice the water, start the “porridge” function cook for 1 hour, after cooking with asphalt asphalt for water;2. Put the cooked beans in a non-sticky pot with sugar. I cooked them with 250g raw beans and 50g sugar.3. During the stir-frying process, the beans can come out of the water by themselves. Although the asphalt has been cut, there are still some beans left.4. Soften the butter of the decoration materials, mix it evenly with granulated sugar and low gluten flour, and set aside for later use.5, in a blender, put the eggs, sugar, water, salt into the blender, then put in the light cream, strong flour, mix well;6, install the blender to regulate machine, start the 3 piece of dough, stir until smooth and elastic texture, add sugar yeast powder, soft and wet, don’t have to worry about dissolve yeast powder, after can be put into four segments according to different cooking machine in the dough, the location of the noodles setting is different also, you can choose according to their own machine.At the beginning, the dough still sticks to the hands a little. After constantly stirring, the dough becomes smoother and smoother. When you stretch the dough, you can pull out the thick mask that is not easy to break.There is a lot of thin cream in the recipe, so there is no need to add butter alone. In addition, due to the different water absorption of wheat flour, it is recommended to leave the liquid for a period of time after 10~20g, kneading while depending on the softness of the dough, maybe less than my recipe, maybe more.7, knead the dough is removed from the mixer bowl, texture is soft and elastic, hand don’t stick together, roll round, on the rub board, cover a small bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let stand 20 minutes after loosening, take out after 20 minutes, is divided into seven big dough, knead into a ball on the plate, with a wrap on a small basin, loose let stand for 15 minutes.8. Remove the loose dough and extend the dough into an oval shape with a rolling pin, draining the gas from the dough and placing the homemade filling on the surface.9, roll up from the side, wrap the stuffing, mouth flat, roll on the bread roll, placed on the plate, roll up the 7 bread in order, arrange the discharge, into the oven, add 1 basin of hot water, improve the humidity and temperature, 30~45 minutes to wake up.10. Roll and arrange the bread beautifully, scatter the quail eggs with the dressing material, spread the egg over the bread, and scatter the crispy dough made in Step 4.11, preheat the oven 165 degrees, fire up and down, put the oven in the lower or middle layer, bake for 25 minutes, during the baking process if you find the bread surface dark color, you can cover with a piece of tin foil to cover.When the bread is ready, remove it from the baking tray and leave it on the Internet to cool down. When the bread is just a little bit warm, put it in a bag and keep it soft for two or three days.This pancake cream bean paste fruit jelly has a gooey, silky texture. Although there’s no butter in the recipe, there’s a lot of thin cream in it to help improve the texture, and the bread is very soft and delicious.Although red beans are not sweet, the bean paste rice cake is delicious, especially when it is wrapped in soft bread. Children love it very much.If you do not want to do stuffing, bought stuffing can also be used in the same way, their own stuffing is more convenient, but their own stuffing can inhibit sweetness, each has its own benefits, so to see their own requirements.In addition, the bean paste bread is not red bean bread, it can be ordinary pancakes, or put in other fillings, such as honey beans, purple potato, pumpkin, jam, etc., with the same method can change a variety of bread.As for the preservation of bread, if you can’t eat it all at once, you can cool it and put it in a bag and seal it. If you keep it at room temperature for a short time, if you keep it frozen for a long time, the taste will return to its original shape if you heat it in the oven before eating, which is very good.This bread is strongly recommended by my family. It is also a good choice to make bread at home when you don’t go out. If you like it, try it.Thank you for reading, I am a lot of mom, love to share their own original recipes and food visit experience, stay-at-home mom at home, in addition to children and firewood, but also can bring poetry and distance!