J-16d appeared in Taiwan for the first time, Taiwan general: is the PLA “trump card”, must be fully dealt with

2022-06-11 0 By

According to huanqiu.com, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has formed a daily habit of “punching a clock” in the Taiwan Straits, but recently, due to the increasing tension across the Taiwan Straits, the PLA’s movements have become bigger, which has aroused the Taiwan army’s high attention.Recently, THE J-16D appeared in Taiwan for the first time, and Taiwan’s generals declared publicly that it is the PLA’s “trump card” and must be dealt with with full force.Indeed, the J-16D could help the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army (PLA) seize control of electromagnetic power in a war that could be decisive in winning or losing a war, something That Taiwan is currently unable to deal with.Recently, in order to suppress China, the United States and Japan began to jointly hype the Taiwan issue, bringing a lot of uncertainty to the situation across the Taiwan Strait, and the Taiwan authorities are also echoing the United States and Japan, trying to achieve their own independence by relying on them.In the face of the Taiwan authorities’ unrepentant attitude, the PLA has finally stepped up pressure on Taiwan while maintaining restraint. PLA patrols have become routine.Since the beginning of the New Year, the scale of the PLA’s cruise missions in Taiwan has obviously been further expanded. Following the announcement of 39 PLA military aircraft patrolling in Taiwan, the PLA recently announced the dispatch of 13 military aircraft to carry out the cruise missions.Among the military aircraft unveiled this time, the J-16D electronic fighter jet also appeared, which is its first appearance in the Taiwan Strait area.The J-16D electronic fighter is a new type of fighter aircraft, which can cooperate with many types of fighter aircraft in China, so that China’s fighter aircraft in the war, with a more perfect aviation electronic warfare system.To know, in the air war, not only need to control the air power, electromagnetic power is also very important.With the addition of the J-16D, it is very good to disrupt the enemy’s plans to obtain information, resulting in the electromagnetic system paralysis.This means that the domestic military aircraft can better perform combat tasks, so as to win the war.It can be said that the future which party seized the system of electromagnetic rights, is equivalent to locking the victory in advance.Taiwan’s generals have also publicly said that the J-16D is the PLA’s “trump card” and that its electronic jamming capability may be even stronger than that of the US military’s electronic action fighter.The outside world for the J-16D related information, in fact, is not very clear, and the PLA let its public appearance, in fact, has shown that its performance is absolutely very excellent, not worried about the outside world to have more understanding of it, even to show the outside world, this electronic fighter capability.The general is also well aware that this means the gap between the Taiwanese army and the PLA is widening, especially in future electronic operations.Under such circumstances, the Taiwan army must do its best to deal with it, and it is necessary to strengthen its anti-interference capability.The PLA sent the J-16D to the Taiwan Strait this time, also shows that it has achieved mass production, the PLA air force strength with its help, has been further strengthened, the future use of combat can be guaranteed.Now, of course, he is pinning his hopes on countries such as the United States and Japan, which also have advanced electronic aircraft that Taiwan hopes will capture information captured by its electronic aircraft.It seems that the idea of relying on beauty to seek independence has not been abandoned so far.In the coming days, the PLA will conduct regular patrols over the Taiwan Strait, and the size of the PLA aircraft may be even larger than announced, as Taiwan’s monitoring capability is not very good.This is enough to reflect the determination of the Chinese side on the situation across the Taiwan Straits. China will surely achieve the reunification of the motherland and enable compatriots on both sides of the Straits to have more convenient communication and exchanges, which is also beneficial to the development of the two sides.