Chibi city health insurance bureau warm reminder: telecom fraud pattern renovation polish eyes beware of being fooled

2022-06-11 0 By

Recently, a number of citizens reported receiving fraud calls, criminals posing as medical insurance department staff, to give serious disease protection, social security card or abnormal medical insurance card, medical insurance account will be frozen as an excuse, the citizens related information for fraud activities.Chibi city medical security bureau to remind the general public friends: do not believe the unknown telephone, SMS!Don’t give out personal information!Do not transfer money to strange accounts!Don’t click or call unidentified links or phone numbers in text messages!The most commonly used fraud means of criminals generally have the following kinds: one is to receive medical insurance subsidies or give serious disease protection in the name of sending text messages, temptation ginseng protect personnel or retirees click fraud SMS link, take citizen id number and bank account to implement fraud.The second is social security card (or health insurance card) arrears are frozen for the name, the requirement to provide personal information and other relevant content, to lure participants to use automatic teller machines to transfer money to implement fraud.Three is to pretend to be a staff member of orgnaization of agency of medical insurance, with “preferential” ginseng protect policy is the name, through telephone lure ginseng protect, to the bank turn money to carry out fraud.4 it is to pretend to be the staff member of orgnaization of agency of cure cure, with social security card (or cure card) appear different place brush card is a name, decoy citizen provides id number and bank account to carry out fraud next.Chibi city medical security bureau reminds the general public friends again: medical insurance staff will not contact the public through the telephone or SMS to ask for any medical insurance daily business, or to the public for a variety of reasons to ask for personal basic information and bank card password.When new policies or information about medical insurance need to be announced, the Medical Security Administration will make notices through regular television media, newspapers and websites.If the public friends encounter similar fraud phone or SMS, you can call the Public telephone 0715-5332792 chibi Medical Security Bureau for consultation.Source: Chibi Rong media correspondent Tang Biao Pan Jingkang