The original god: the grass god will be implemented in 3.1, and the new activity map is well received

2022-06-10 0 By

Recent Revelations about the follow-up version really emerge in endlessly, and just now the reliable uncle of the forum revealed some news:There is also a male character on the road in addition to Ayanami, and the most anticipated grass god will be installed in 3.1. According to my brother’s previous description, grass God is about the same size as Kaili, with grey hair.In version 2.6, the discovery bonus of layer Rock is also released, which is similar to that of honeylonia Tree in Dragon ridge snow Mountain. After collecting new layer rock material, you can obtain 1 crown of knowledge, 1 box of Norland primordia, 4 paths of encounter, 2 paths of Entanglements, various talent books and new business cards.And then share a fact pushed outside network under the master yourself 2.6 light color warom group photo festival role, many familiar faces in the city, rice wife personal guess vido o line qiu, and should be to light fiction to rice wife, after all, according to the description of the in-game line cho wrote the novel for vido’s illustration o become eight heavy hall bestseller, and Wendy is estimated purely for fishing.Finally, let’s talk about the new activity of 2.5, Sanjie Road Feast, which is one of the few activities that has won praise from players. This time, diabuyuanxia Palace has no card progress as usual, and it only takes four hours to get more than 1000 rough stones. Puzzle solving and gameplay are completely different from 2.4, giving people a brand new experience.Treasure box section and month by month as marked on the map directly to save a lot of time, and the boot process is very comfortable, under the guidance of raylink explore like flowing smoothly, feeling mihajlovic swimming master the details of the map is complete and the other subsequent can give some more and deep plot, only personally like these two NPCS, set and dubbing.