A 19-point comeback!The lakers can’t live without Lebron James

2022-06-10 0 By

The NBA regular season continues, the Los Angeles Lakers are still in a losing streak, James due to a sudden injury, which has left Westbrook needing a man to support the team, fortunately, The timely return of Justin Timberlake, which also let the Lakers see some hope.However, for the current less than.500 lakers, they still face a lot of difficulties in this season, from the current basic situation, the Lakers will have a good chance to make the play-offs, which is the first big challenge they face.Westbrook can’t be traded and they have to compromise.A 19-point comeback!The lakers can’t live without Lebron James.The Lakers’ inability to hold down the final minutes against the sagging Atlanta Hawks, with Russell Westbrook and Kobe Bryant on the bench, was frustrating.He shot 50 percent from the field and scored 27 points. Obviously, he has overcome his injury problems and is finding his rhythm.Bryant can still dominate the paint in regular time, but without James, the Lakers can’t close out those games in crunch time.”I still think we have a good team,” he said.I think the most frustrating part is that we couldn’t close out the game. That’s the frustrating part.”It was understandable, of course, that the lakers, who had an 11-point lead, gave up an eight-point lead and couldn’t take control of the game.Heavy eyebrows elder brother look at less performance, less sheet looks from the data, he also impeccable throughout the performance, when the elder brother of the heavy eyebrows present, wei is also less active in control of their shots, he hopes to be able to become more reasonable, however, still appeared less 4 turnovers, especially in the last section finally decided in the critical moment,Westbrook scored just two points in a 12-minute stretch, unable to respond when he was turned around by a wave of opponents.Westbrook and Trey Young kept pulling him out of the game, and they tried to address his weak defense, which, of course, eventually worked out. Young scored 13 points in the final quarter, which didn’t make any sense to me.Fans also said: “the critical moment can test a star’s current strength, the offense can not play, the defense is targeted, the Lakers can give up.”The lakers have lost three games in a row, and it’s a sign of how much the lakers are relying on James to keep up the pressure at the end.On the playmaking end, the Lakers’ offense lost its rhythm, leaving them scrambling in the final minutes.James James as a super star who can contribute 29.3 points per game, his impact on the Lakers can be imagined.”It’s tough to have him out,” Westbrook said in an interview. “The Lakers need him, but I’m going to try to take responsibility and try to win. I’m not going to give up.”For now, the lakers won’t trade Westbrook, believing he can bounce back in the second half.There’s only one thing the Lakers can do right now, and that’s wait for Lebron to return.