Pregnant women drinking milk powder during pregnancy is helpful to fetal development, doctor: these 3 types of pregnant women should not drink

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“Please buy me some pregnant milk powder,” said wang, who is expecting a baby.Colleague small xie smiled to say “good, prepare pregnant”.”Yes, I heard that pregnant women will start to drink milk powder, then not afraid of malnutrition during pregnancy, will be conducive to fetal development.”Pregnant women milk powder is an essential nutritional supplement for the population with good living conditions.But do pregnant women really need to supplement milk powder?Maybe the answer is different than you think.Is pregnancy really necessary to drink pregnant women milk powder?Pregnant women milk powder contains rich vitamins, trace elements, minerals, can effectively provide nutrition for pregnant women and the fetus, for some usually malnutrition, pregnancy vomiting is too serious to eat, in the middle and late pregnancy weight growth is too slow, weak and other pregnant women are indeed necessary.However, if you have a balanced diet, you can get enough nutrition in your daily diet, and there is no need for additional supplements.And the general pregnancy will also add folic acid, maternal vitamins, etc., these components are enough to meet the needs of pregnant women and the fetus.If pregnant women in increased dietary nutrition intake while supplementingpregnant women’s vitamins, folic acid, pregnant women’s milk powder, but may lead to overnutrition, resulting in giant children, not conducive to the development of the fetus.Pregnant women with gestational diabetes milk powder contains a lot of sugar and fat. If you already have gestational diabetes, drinking pregnant women milk powder will easily lead to a spike in blood sugar, which is difficult to control the blood sugar level, and will affect the development of the fetus.Of course, there are some pregnant women milk powder is specifically for gestational diabetes patients, but this is generally only for some strict control of diet, nutrition does not reach the standard of pregnant women, otherwise in general are not recommended to drink pregnant women milk powder.2. Weight gain too fast weight gain too fast indicates that fetal development is relatively fast, at this time, it is necessary to control diet to avoid fetal growth too fast. If you drink pregnant milk powder again, it will lead to macrocephaly, which will not only increase the risk of dysticia, but also increase the risk of obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases when macrocephaly grows up.If you are overweight before pregnancy, it is not recommended to drink pregnant milk powder, otherwise it will lead to excessive weight gain during pregnancy, and the risk of pregnancy complications will increase.And obese pregnant women even if they have mild morning sickness early in pregnancy, as long as they can eat food, it is generally not recommended to drink pregnant milk powder.Can pregnant woman milk powder and pregnant woman vitamin take together?Pregnant women milk powder contains a variety of vitamins needed by pregnant women, if pregnant women with vitamins at the same time, may lead to excessive vitamin content, so it is generally not recommended to take at the same time.Relatively speaking, pregnant women’s vitamins generally do not contain sugar, fat, etc., will not lead to weight gain, is suitable for all pregnant women to take a nutritional supplement, it is recommended that pregnant women supplement by adding pregnant women’s vitamins, rather than drinking pregnant women’s milk powder.Of course, whether to drink pregnant women milk powder to supplement nutrition needs to be based on each pregnant woman’s own body situation, because the nutrition of pregnant women milk powder is other food or drugs can not achieve.Reference: 1. Effect of pregnant women milk powder on nutritional status during pregnancy. Chinese Journal of Practical Gynecology and Obstetrics 2.Do pregnant mothers need to drink pregnant milk powder? Family Medicine 3. Pregnant women should avoid excessive nutrition during pregnancy.