Folk tale: a man strays into a trap, a woman lets him stay, and a red snake runs out from under the bed at night

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In ancient times, a carpenter named Tan Hei Dog was handed a letter at a wedding banquet. When he looked at the letter, he burst into tears.Last time said, Tan Black dog was invited to jiang to attend the wedding banquet, but the new couple just entered the bridal room came the news of the death of the groom, followed by a rain fire, Tan Black dog slightly skill saved all a life, but also saved the groom will be killed back.Back to the book, at this time tan Black dog dare to believe that the letter in hand is indeed the letter written by the elder Ni himself, even after many years, the envelope still retains a smell of ash.Opened the envelope, of a text into tan black dog in the eyes: see words such as surface, maybe I am wrong, then shouldn’t see you, if not see you, now also won’t have a lot of trouble, but you and I are doomed to again, this is a fairy, you as the fairy you I fell in love, I desire, you day at breaking the rules, also want to take my descent to see the beauty in the world.Once you ate a bad fruit by mistake and became a complete demon, causing trouble in the immortal world, but also for the disaster of all sentient beings. The immortal emperor thought you were good before and banished you to the afterlife as a dog, but I did not want you to leave, and decided to reincarnate as a human being, but kept in a nunnery for your whole life.You originally natural disposition is pure good, everything is that spirit fruit place is harmed, you that becomes black dog is clever and clever, it is kind-hearted help Tan shi husband and wife 2 people more, you just had now.See you now, I regret, perhaps is your forehead between the mole to remind me, that is your past life as the mark of the devil, everything has advantages and disadvantages, if the mole is used properly is a good man, improper use is the wicked, now after you may not have a strong power to control it, as ignore its existence.Please remember, do not take off the forehead for a long time, this life is not emotional for any woman, otherwise the world will be in chaos.Read the letter, Tan Black dog is already in tears, I do not know why his mind suddenly flashed a woman in white figure, the woman smiled back, running forward, the figure is more and more far, tan Black dog in the mind of the figure is also increasingly blurred.By accident with a heavy heart, Tan Black dog said goodbye to jiang home, sleepless night is not to eat what things, tan Black dog hungry, just want to find a inn to eat something, have a good rest.Tan Black dog along the street to continue eastward thousands of steps, just to see a small inn, inn rice fragrant, Tan Black dog came to a bowl of soup noodles, with two refreshing dishes to eat up.Before long, a loud voice came from the doorway: “Boss, bowl noodles!Two more jars of wine!”Tan Black dog heard the sound lifted eyes, saw the door to two strong men dressed in sackcloth, one of them wearing a hat, the clothes are countless patches;The other, a portly man with a black beard, swayed from side to side as he walked, and although he looked funny, they both had the same aura.Tan Black dog saw two eyes and then eat from the noodle, after a moment of its behind also spread two strong man snore snore eat noodle voice, two people make small talk a few words, fat big ears of the person ha Ha said with a smile: “do you know our city famous doctor Bai Chunhua?”The man wearing a bamboo hat laughed and said, “Who knows white spring flowers?It’s my pleasure to see her face. She’s so white and beautiful.”This person say to this leng leng, immediately say again, “ah I say you boy how suddenly ask this kind of words, you shouldn’t be to like her” fat big ear tilt head to look at him one eye, immediately say: “this matter you still don’t know?Old three with apricot courtyard old cleaning woman said, today early robbed the white spring flowers to send her in the past, oh, to say this white spring flowers is also unlucky, but there is a saying, father debt son compensation, white spring flowers his father but with the old cleaning woman has an ancient grudge, ah, TSK TSK TSK.Words, the head wearing the hat that person maliciously rub rub hand smile way: “Since this is so, little brother I also want to taste fresh, as we tonight…”Two people while laughing, while discussing the scheme, but at this time tan Black dog is not intentional to eat, but can not feel at ease to sleep, white chunhua who also?She also has a history with Tan Hei Dog. Thinking, Tan Hei dog got up and put an ingot of silver on the table, turned around and went to the direction of the apricot yard.On the bustling street, Tan Black dog, with wooden box in hand and a gust of wind at his feet, bypassed the crowd and hurried on. Before he reached the gate of the apricot courtyard, he saw the crowd gathered around him and kept looking inside.Tan Black dog cu mei walked past, a look, saw a red apricot courtyard in a woman dressed in red dancing, turned over the moment, Tan Black dog saw that woman full of eyes full of tears of humiliation, women wearing gauze, if the skin is always in the heart of the people.Under the sun, the woman turned around again, and tan Black dog four eyes relative, the eyes have to dodge the meaning, and at this time tan Black dog eyes in the golden flash, just found, in front of the woman in its eyes naked, and then to wear a veil on the face look, this person is not others, is the girl in the White spring flower.(above mentioned, black and tan dogs eyes were affected by the amount of moles between, can open perspective when killing Bai Chunhua eyes) see Bai Chunhua such humiliation at this time, black and tan dogs the heart as if missed a beat, the next dance with at this time, the audience were clapping, however is wanting more, accidentallyalso a red almond courtyard old mother walked walked on stage to Bai Chunhua away,Step down when White Chunhua eyes flow, inadvertently looked at the door tan Black dog, then followed the old mother left.Looking at the direction of the white chunhua away, Tan Black dog quickly crowded to catch up, apricot courtyard other girls see Tan Black dog although wearing thick hemp, but the wooden box is expensive, coupled with tan Black dog a handsome face, attracted the girls have a smile to meet up, blocking the way of Tan Black dog.”Oh, let the slave see, which is the small childe so handsome” “Childe sad and bitter exhibition, but there is trouble?The girls walked around tan Black Dog. When he looked in that direction again, there was no white spring flower in sight. Tan Black Dog looked around, but found nothing.Will you ask the old woman to bring her here?”A few girls listen to tan black dog this, can not help but look at each other down the face, “Childe this mean is not look at us a few?”Tan Black dog busy hands: “at home and not his intention, just saw the spring flower girl face familiar, thought in a foreign place to meet an old friend, just want to catch up.When several girls heard this, they laughed and said, “Chunhua girl is very popular. Even if you know her well, how can you, a poor carpenter, do anything to her?”Tan Black dog did not think, then from the bag out of the five hundred and twenty silver clap in front of the table, “I do not know these silver enough?”Surprised and delighted at the sight of the silver, they picked up an ingot of silver and waved it before their eyes. Then one of them pretended to be calm and said, “You may not be the only one who spends a lot of money. You need to ask your old mother if you can see the spring flower girl.”Said, the man turned and walked towards the direction on the second floor, not long, the man again, was greeted with a grin, “childe, please come with me” tan black dogs are brought into a large room on the second floor, whispering a few girls don’t know what is the, began to humbly tan black tea and water, change just attitude, very attentive.At this time, tea fragrance overflow, slowly rising in the tea cup continuously hot air, hot air along the air to tan Black dog’s nasal cavity, tan Black dog suddenly feel heavy eyes, limbs have become a little soft.In the dim light, he seemed to see some girls talking and laughing around him. No, there was something wrong with the tea. Thinking of this, Tan Black Dog braced his strength with both hands and strangled his flesh.At the same time, the door of the room was pushed open, Tan Black dog looked up, the old mother is smiling standing outside the door, its behind also followed a person, Tan Black dog looked, is not others, it is tan Black dog here will always miss white Chunhua.Mutations at this time old mother looked black and tan dogs, smile on her face, waved to the house a few girls, one side will Bai Chunhua push behind the house, to a few people left, black and tan dogs quickly grabbed Bai Chunhua hand, a move that put Bai Chunhua a scare, but want to try to dodge, had to stare angrily in front of black and tan dogs.Tan Black dog did not seem to find white Chunhua abnormal, took her hand to go outside, white Chunhua did not expect tan Black dog would be so, quickly shook off his hand said: “where do you want to take me?”Tan Black dog turned to Bai Chunhua, “Of course it is to take you home. It is not suitable to stay here long. Let’s go quickly.”Tan Black dog’s heart jumped, “Not going back?White Chunhua do you really want to lose your life here?How will you marry, and how will you face your family?””I don’t need you to take care of things, if you want to be good for me, stay here tonight.” With that, Bai Chunhua turned her body and went straight to the bed.Tan Black dog is very helpless, but still listen to the advice of White Chunhua, busy all day, since come out experience to today has three months time, not a day to sleep well, think of here, Tan Black dog will lie on the table in a faint sleep in the past.I do not know how long sleep, Tan Black dog vaguely heard a sound, as if something was taken from his body, he suddenly opened his eyes, saw the door wide open at this time, there is a figure outside the door flash, then looked down to see his body wooden box disappeared.Tan Black dog heart big surprise, subconscious back to see the bed of White Chunhua, which know white Chunhua turned out to be a turn into a red snake toward the direction of the figure chased out……Chapter 12 Why did the White Spring Flower Turn into a Snake?What is hidden in this apricot yard, and what will happen next time.Fu zi said: This is an original serialized novel “Surrender of the Black Dog”, mainly about a black dog with countless secrets reincarnated as a human to punish evil and improve the story.During although will suffer many hardships, but black dog still can maintain the original heart, in helping others at the same time, also know the mystery of their birth.