Winter Olympics story | three pairs of “father and son soldiers” to write 14 years of Olympic love

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Among the tens of thousands of volunteers for the Beijing Winter Olympics are a group of “father and son soldiers” who have been handed down from generation to generation.From “one world, one dream” to “together to the future”, they wrote a section of the Olympic family and country love.Father Luo Dan and son Luo Qiang are on duty at xinjiekou Winter Olympics Volunteer Service Station, Xicheng District, Beijing.Winter Olympics magazine reporter Yan Tong photo Beijing Winter Olympics B1 team driver Ma Shuxin and son Ma Zhicheng.Yan Zihao, a winter Olympics volunteer at The Capital International Airport, and his father.2008 torchbearers with son unattended in xicheng district of Beijing xinjiekou games city volunteers service site, there is a pair of volunteers “sons” – dad Luo Danzeng is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games torch bearers, 14 years later, he carried the torch continues to boost the Olympic, keung law and son together in xinjiekou service instruction in the games,Tell your Olympic story to everyone.Set up on the first floor of the Xinhua Department store, Luo and other volunteers are tasked with promoting the Games to passing crowds, inviting them to write messages and draw pictures.”Do you know what the mascots of the Winter Olympics are called?””What does the emblem look like?Whenever children and young people stopped to write or draw, Rodin would encourage them and share their Olympic stories.Slowly, one ice pier pier, snow rong rong “filled” the guest book.Watching luo qiang, now a college student, play alongside him, Luo believes sports have the power to influence generations.To better promote the Spirit of the Olympic Games, he also carried his own auspicious clouds torch to the site, displayed to the passing crowd.Rodin inherits the Olympic spirit with his actions and makes the “card” of Olympic volunteers brighter and brighter with his confident smile.Yan Zihao, a student at the Central University of Finance and Economics, grew up surrounded by pictures of airplanes and various model airplanes.His father is an old airline man, responsible for safety in the air traffic control system.Yan zihao became a volunteer at the Beijing Winter Olympics, guiding the customs at the Capital International Airport.”Influenced by my father, I have a different feeling for the cloud world.”Yan zihao recalled that his father liked to take him to work and tell stories about Air traffic control and civil aviation of China (CAAC). “My favorite part is my father’s story about ensuring flights for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.His eyes glowed every time he talked about it.I also understand the meaning of protection and devotion.Both father and son were at work on February 4, the opening day of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.When the last flight arrived, a foreign athlete was patiently guided through the customs by Yan zihao.Before leaving, he expressed his gratitude in simple Chinese and gave Yan a thumbs-up.”It was a small gesture and a simple thank you that gave me so much encouragement.”Yan zihao said, he will go all out, together with his father, guard a harmonious blue sky.Beijing (Reuters) – Five of the 253 staff in the B1 team have the surname Ma, but when it comes to “old ma”, everyone knows it means Ma Shuxin.Lao Ma is the morning driver of B1 team shuttle bus, running 16 laps a day, 176 kilometers, working 11 hours a day, for the old ma will be 55 years old, it is no small challenge.”I was in charge of picking up and dropping off the women’s beach volleyball players at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. I was so proud of them watching them compete for gold.Now I have participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics. As a double Olympic driver in the only double Olympic city in the world, I am satisfied with my life.”Ma is also proud of his son, Ma, who has participated in the Olympic Games.Beijing Winter Olympic Games is catching up with the Chinese Lunar New Year, New Year’s Eve of the pony rest, but take the initiative to the team service.Someone asked the little horse, “Working in the closed loop, you can’t go home. Do you miss home?””Ma said,” I miss home too, but I feel at ease when I’m with my dad.Stay tuned for more content in the Winter Olympics bulletin.Source client | reporter zhang Ao Olympic winter games Sun Hongyang He Rui editor: Han Ye process editor TaiShaoFeng