These 5 kinds of small green plants, fresh and beautiful, the door windowsill put a pot, mosquitoes “do not enter the door”

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The five small green plant, put a pot of door window, mosquito is not in the rise of temperature, a lot of small flying insects, pests has revived, this summer will be to the mosquito, night can’t sleep all night, spraying insecticide also does not charge, not equal to put the five small green plant, very beautiful, very pure and fresh, also very good, the key is the mosquitoes don’t like it, smell it, not into the house.Because it is flowering, geranium first knows geranium is very similar to hydrangea, flower group brocade, flowers are like brocade, very lively festival, put on the balcony very beautiful, especially suspension to protect do not occupy a space, can beautify household again.Hear geranium can drive mosquito later, because geranium sends out the smell that gives is mosquito place does not like, a few POTS are put in the home as expected very effective, compare use toilet water and insecticide much stronger.During geranium seedling must hit top more, make its germination side branch, put in sunshine again below, bask in branch more, grow very luxuriant, very dense, flowering also can be dense, and grow more exuberant, mosquito dare not be approached more.The vitality of geranium is more exuberant, the word that likes it cuts its branch, leave two leaves to insert in the mixed soil of peat earth and perlite, can take root very quickly, can put full balcony after breeding now.Catnip Catnip catnip is a white or lavender annual herb flower. It gets its name from its ability to stimulate felo’s receptor. it is also a favorite of pet cats.Catnip gives out the smell, mosquitoes do not like, can be used as a mosquito repellent small green plants, placed on balconies and windowsills, mosquitoes dare not enter the door oh.Catnip, more like to grow in a sunny environment, to have a pot of breathable drainage of good soil, frequent pruning to strengthen ventilation, grow lush, also very fresh and beautiful.Mugwort is very common, especially the Dragon Boat Festival will put mugwort on the door, has the auspicious meaning of exorcism disaster.Mugwort also has great application in medical care, which can relax tendons and activate collars, dissipate cold and remove dampness. Its unique fragrance keeps mosquitoes away.Mugwort is very easy to grow. It can be planted directly into rich soil, basked in the sun, germinated easily, and grown very luxuriously with the occasional application of nitrogen fertilizer during the growing season.Impatiens balsamina is a very common flower, but mosquitoes are rarely seen in places where impatiens is raised, because it contains a chemical that can drive away mosquitoes and snakes. When potted indoors, mosquitoes are afraid to enter.In addition, impatiens flowers are gorgeous and colorful, simple but beautiful, and can bloom in two months in a warm and sunny environment.