Red flag HS5 parity sales, can test drive

2022-06-08 0 By

In the front part, the original hexagonal grille is now a straight waterfall design, while the front bumper part can still be seen in the popular through-style, showing a strong sense of movement.And as a domestic luxury medium-sized car red flag, also began to force, its added this “new war will” model, than audi A4L handsome, the key 10.37W with 10 speakers, said is the red flag H5.In terms of body color, consumers can choose from five exterior colors, including Arctic white, Green blue, azure glaze and Lang Ji silver.In the lower left corner of the central channel, we can see that hongqi H5 is also equipped with a 7-inch full LCD instrument and a 10-inch central control screen, the overall scientific and technological atmosphere to create is still pretty good.The interior of the new hongqi H5 adopts a modern design style.The overall color matching of red flag H5 interior is very refreshing, with black as the main tone, the central console is equipped with silver trim to outline, the top is also equipped with a large size suspension type central control LCD screen.In terms of actual ride experience, the post-1995 generation said that the interior space of hongqi H5 is very abundant.And store content space respect, the whole car up to 20 store content case also can easily accommodate the carry-on articles of each occupant.And when I sit in the back row of the RED Flag H5, I think this is the red flag in stealing space, and do the basic practical configuration.The new Hongqi H5 is powered by a 1.8-ton turbocharged engine with a six-gear automatic transmission that can produce up to 197 horsepower, according to official sources.The powertrain is very robust and can be easily handled on city roads or at high speeds.In the new car released this time, the new generation of Hongqi H5 carries a newly developed 1.8T engine, and is scheduled to be officially launched within the year.