Jiangyong, Hunan: “Traffic police Squadron” covers all townships to solve the “dilemma” of rural traffic management

2022-06-08 0 By

Massachusetts moment on February 11, – (correspondent Chen Jianlin Tan evaluation Jian-bin Yang) for days, the rural women’s script in jiangyong county, hunan province police station “traffic police” to carry out the traffic order, a clampdown on road intersection, the place such as the village set up check points, guide the broad masses of complete documents on the road traffic participants, ride motorcycles, in accordance with the provisions, to wear safety helmet, etc.,Create a strong atmosphere of safe driving and civilized driving.This is jiangyong County comprehensive implementation of rural police station traffic management, crack the rural traffic management strength weak problem of a lens.In May 2021, Jiangyong County Public Security Bureau studied countermeasures to solve the problem of weak strength of rural traffic management in view of the actual situation of only one rural traffic police squadron in nine towns in the county.According to the requirements of “one township and one traffic police squadron”, in 8 township police stations without traffic police squadrons, the chief of the police station concurrently serves as the squadron leader, performs part of the traffic safety management duties, and steadily pushes forward the reform of the police mechanism.County traffic police brigade for the police station issued reflective vests, wine sticks, police flash, shoulder lights, cones, traffic police hats and other traffic management equipment and protective equipment, road traffic accident police into the 110 command center management and unified scheduling.All rural police stations give full play to the advantages of familiarity with people, land and situation, coordinate public security, traffic and other safety management work, carry out “one helmet and one belt” safety protection, and strictly investigate motor vehicle drivers and passengers not wearing seat belts, motorcycle and electric bicycle riders not wearing helmets.Uncivilized traffic violations such as disorderly parking of motor vehicles and running red lights at non-motor vehicles and pedestrian crossings shall be governed.At the same time, it strengthened target responsibility management, detailed tasks, quantitative assessment, strict rewards and punishment, and carried out “notification and assessment every month”, which significantly enhanced the police rate, stewards rate, disposal ability and law enforcement ability.The participation of rural police stations in traffic management has greatly alleviated the problems of slow dispatch of police officers and long waiting time of the masses.Last year, the county’s nine rural police stations investigated and dealt with 11,628 traffic violations, with traffic accidents in rural areas down 41.9 percent year-on-year and no major road traffic accidents.