University of Warwick electronic business management professional analysis

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The technology Management approach has a strategic position for companies and government departments around the world, and is particularly important for our competitiveness and prosperity.This specialty focuses on emerging technologies and their ways of managing them in cooperative natural environments around the world, specialized tools and techniques.In this course, you will gain professional knowledge in the development, design, acquisition and operation management of management methods and technologies in a commercial service indoor environment.Master data technology and transformational development;Analyze the current field, develop and design business operation model, hone consulting professional skills.Many successful companies are full of examples of data disrupters: Amazon in traditional retail;Uber in taxis;Airbnb vacation travel;And Spotify for songs.The success of such business processes depends on the right combination of the potential of data technology with an understanding of customer satisfaction and the ability to design innovative new business models for solutions.This program is designed for graduates who want to take up leadership positions in new technology, high performance, worldwide operating companies.Admission requirements: Candidates with A French 2:2 qualification (or equivalent) may be accepted upon proof of relevant professional work experience.In summary, the BACHELOR of Science degree in Electronic Business Management is accepted for students from general specialties including (but not limited to) electronic information science, IT, engineering projects, data analysis science, technology, news media, marketing and business services.Course content: E-commerce foundation, data marketing development strategy and management methods, new business service technology, technology management methods, innovation management and transformation, system thinking and engineering projects, data consulting, learning and training, professional and analytical professional skills.