The world’s oldest active player, who lost 19 games in two years, finally beat her opponent

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Recently, there is exciting news in the go circle.95-year-old Toshiko Suguchi has defeated a 31-year-old man in Japan’s 47th go Holy War qualifier, winning in 795 days!In the comments section of Reddit, one person said, “I quit in anger after losing 3 games in a row.””I can’t imagine going three years without winning.”Born in 1927, Sugiuchi is the world’s oldest active go player.Speaking of her relationship with Go, she went back 90 years.At that time, her father was a county representative chess player, and he began to teach her how to play go before she even went to elementary school.At that time, many people said that no matter how hard a female player tried, he could only reach the height of four Dan.But Sugi Uchi’s father said: “That is impossible, women can actually reach the fifth Dan.”Fir inside shou son secretly determined to prove to them.According to the schedule her father gave her, she would wake up with cold water, do radio gymnastics, and then play chess, eat breakfast, and then go to school, every day.When she came home from school, her father was always waiting for her at the chessboard.Practicing chess day after day paid off.When Sugi nei shou zi was 11 years old, she was “the mother of the go world” Joy wenzi’s appreciation, become her disciple.At the age of 15, she made it.Although later experienced war air raids, but also ran to Chiba Prefecture refuge.But when the war was over, she immediately went back to playing chess.By the age of 22, she had reached the fourth Dan.By the age of 26, she had reached the fifth Dan.This was the ceiling in my father’s eyes, and he was so happy that he said, I would have been content to die today.But he had no idea that her potential was much greater than that.Six paragraphs in 1956 and seven paragraphs in 1973.By 1983, Sugi Uchi was promoted to eight Dan, becoming the first woman eight Dan in the world.Suguchi has two younger sisters, Yukiko Honda (born in 1930) and Mitsuko Nanmitsu (born in 1939). They are all masters of go and are collectively known as the “Three Honda Sisters”. They once had a great influence on Japanese women’s chess in the second half of the 20th century.Chinese fir longevity son is sister three in the outstanding.For four decades, from 1953 to 1994, Sugiuchi was the women’s champion.In the four years from 1953 to 1956, she won the Japanese women’s rights four times in a row.In 1954, Sugi Nei Shou zi and “chess fairy” Sugi Nei Ya male marriage.They share a love of go and an indomitable spirit.Go is a very deep brain game, “afraid of young”, relatively speaking, the younger the player is more advantageous.Older chess players tend to be less effective as their brains decline with age.But the Chinese fir inside life son and Chinese fir inside male husband and wife have created a miracle.In 2016, the 96 year old Sugiuchi Masao is still fighting against the 16 year old Onishi Ryuhei, a white haired, a young, under the age difference of 80 years, they play fair with the same rules, set the biggest record of professional competition age difference.Sugiuchi died of pneumonia in 2017 at the age of 97.He remained an active chess player until the end of his life.And after his death, chasing him is not others, it is his wife Sugnei shou son.Even as her contemporaries left the game, even as AI technology became more powerful, even as she sat in rapt concentration for six or seven hours a game, Suguchi sat gracefully in front of the board.As a woman in her 90s, many thought her entry would be a token gesture.But sugi inside life is every try his best.In December 2018, shouko Suguchi, 92, defeated female go player Kaoru Nakayama sandan by completely suppressing Toryu in the 44th go Holy War preliminary match.A month later, she won again in the same qualifier, and this time she beat Mizogami Tomochie 9 Dan, who is nearly 50 years younger than her. This shocked the chess world!In 2019, Suguchi won four matches.In December, she beat Masaaki Fukui, who is 15 years her junior.But after 2020, things have changed.That year, there was a global outbreak.Sugi inside shou son side to prevent virus infection, while continuing to participate in the competition.But in 2020, she played seven official matches and lost all of them.By 2021, she had played 11 more.It was a surprise and a total failure.Starting at age 93, she had a 19-game losing streak.In those two years, her matches were all defeats.He is 94 years old, and after two years of total defeat, he had to sit for six or seven hours while wearing a mask during the pandemic.Sometimes losing to boys 79 years her junior.The average person would have given up long ago.But Sugi Uchi didn’t.After many defeats, she fought again at the age of nearly 95.Finally, on February 7 this year, she defeated masatoshi Kikuchi, a 31-year-old male player, in the preliminary round of the 47th Go Holy War.It was his first victory in 795 days.From 1942 into the segment so far, Sugi nei shou son when 80 years of professional go player, equalized her husband Sugi Nei Ya male career record of nine.And Suguchi continues.She said she wished she could improve a little more.Even at 95, she’s still doing everything she can to love, to be focused, to be graceful, and to be a little bit better tomorrow.