The difference between steam boiler and hot water furnace!

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The difference between steam boiler and hot water furnace!Boiler can be divided into hot water furnace and steam boiler according to the use of the product material.They are any product in the boiler, with different functions.When choosing a boiler, many users do not know what is a hot water boiler or steam boiler.Today xiaobian gives you a brief analysis of the difference between hot water boiler and steam boiler.Using hot water as medium, hot water heater can be used in air conditioner, heater, low temperature oven, drying equipment, hot water tank used in textile printing and dyeing, and a variety of low temperature heaters, air conditioning coil and heat exchange equipment.As a medium, hot water has the following advantages: 1. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of hot material is low, and the temperature difference between hot material and flue gas is large.Boiler exhaust temperature is low, so the boiler efficiency is high.2, the closed hot water system supply water, sewage rate is smaller than the steam boiler, less water consumption.At the same time, boiler water quality regulation is low, water treatment cost is low.3. The specific heat capacity of water is large, the hot water volume in the system is large and the heat storage function is strong.When the thermal or hydraulic working conditions are ineffective in a short term, it is not easy to cause significant ups and downs in the heating working conditions.4. The hot water transmission system can be pumped and transported, with small heat loss and large heating radius, which can meet the requirements of urban central heating planning.The specific disadvantages of using hot water as heating material are low temperature, low thermal conductivity and low thermal utilization rate.The difference between steam boiler and hot water furnace!Steam boiler with steam as the material, can be used for brewing distillation, large laundry and disinfection and other high-temperature industries.The specific advantages of steam as a substance are: 1, low cost, wide adaptability, can meet the pressure and temperature have different provisions of a variety of users’ heat needs;2, can be directly heated food, even if there is leakage, will not cause adverse effects on the natural environment;3, the steam temperature is high, the latent heat of vaporization is great.Compared with hot water, it can reduce the heat exchange area of equipment and control the cost;4, low thermal inertia, fast heating in the supply of steam, fast cooling in the suspension of steam.The vapor material is difficult to recycle because of condensation, which in turn consumes latent heat and water resources.Even if there is a condensate water recovery device, in the condensate water recovery link, water is very easy to dissolve oxygen and other debris, which is very easy to damage the boiler.Oxygen, salt and other sundries in the water supply will cause boiler scaling, erosion and other problems, affecting boiler safety and energy saving.