Oath should become homebred version “prado” brand-new hafu H9 have play

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In the domestic off-road vehicle market, Hafu H9 can be said to be a domestic hard off-road inside an old player, since the launch of the moment has been the hot discussion of many fans friends, with large space and excellent off-road ability to obtain many off-road fans of the favor, even now, its heat is very high.Haval H9 also ushered in the good news of the revamp, the new Haval H9 will be opened at the Chengdu auto show in recent days, and is expected to be officially launched in September.A, what are the changes of the new style?Let’s take a look at what’s changed with the new Harvard H9.Compared with the current model, the front face of the new Hafu H9 changes obviously, from the original horizontal bar type in the net into straight waterfall type intake grille, fog lamp area has also been slightly adjusted, side waist line runs through the rear of the car, the overall appearance style is more aggressive and tough, and even a bit similar to prado.Interior part, after the modification of Hafu H9 to appear more advanced, especially the size of the LCD screen in the central control area has become larger, the position of the air conditioning outlet has been changed from the two sides of the vertical layout to the current more mainstream horizontal layout, the rest of the change is not obvious.In addition, after replacing the central control screen, the functions of the car are also more abundant.Powerdynamically, the new Haffer H9 still has a 2.0-ton turbocharged engine with an 8AT transmission that delivers 224 horsepower, 385N·m peak torque, front and rear differential locks, and second-generation all-terrain control.The drive shaft of the new Harvard H9 has also been enhanced, to a certain extent, to improve the endurance.Ii. Is There still a chance for Harvard H9?However, in general, this new Hafer H9 is still a small model, and the Great Wall’s new 3.0T V6 engine, so the new Hafer H9 still have a chance?As we all know, recently the heat of the whole off-road market has been brought up by the tank 300, which is undoubtedly a great good thing for Great Wall, but it leads to the next door brother Hafu H9’s situation is quite awkward.In particular, after The Wei Pai brand formed an independent division specializing in building hard off-road vehicles, we are more unfamiliar with the H9.Fortunately, the overall appearance of the Hafu H9 after the modification is relatively similar, in the failure to enter the domestic, Hafu H9 can also see as a flat replacement, the appearance of the same hard school overbearing.As a large SUV that can take into account the city and off-road, Hafu H9 has almost no direct competitors in the domestic market, which can be said to be more unique, I believe that the launch of the new Hafu H9 or to attract many consumers who were originally very fond of but not enough budget.Will Great Wall focus on tanks instead of Haf H9 in the future?Indeed, according to the truth, Hafer H9 after many small changes should have a big change model, but did not appear in the new Hafer H9, and next door brother TANKE brand is in the launch of off-road models, does the Great Wall in the future will focus on TANKE brand and abandon Hafer H9?Great Wall Motor also released a group of TANKE500 official pictures, from the pictures can be seen, the overall appearance of the new car is very similar to the Haf H9, and carries a 3.0T V6 powertrain, is it really to replace the Haf H9?In fact, this can also be regarded as a high matching version of Hafu H9, the price will be much higher than the cash hafu H9, which provides consumers with more different choices.Although Hafer series is now more focused on the development and improvement of urban family SUV line, the populist market strategy of hard-road SUV will persist. Besides, Hafer H9 has accumulated considerable sales and public praise in the self-driven hard-road SUV circle. Therefore, even if TANKE series has achieved brilliant results,But the chances of abandoning the Harvard H9 are low.With the continuous expansion of the TANKE series, Great Wall Motor has become more and more famous in the off-road market, which also provides a lot of help for the modified Haffer H9. Although the power of the new Haffer H9 has not been improved, the audience of The Haffer H9 is clear, which is those who need off-road performance.At the same time, off-road lovers should also take into account the comprehensive performance of road and daily use. If you want to choose a model with more powerful power performance, you can also choose TANKE500 of TANKE series next door. We also expect to see better performance of Harvard H9 in the future.The event will run from April 3, 2022 to April 10, 2022