Disgruntled penalty!Exposure of the South Korean team late night appeal, asking for justice back to Hwang Daheon, net friend: can’t afford to lose

2022-06-06 0 By

Beijing time on February 7, the Winter Olympics again ushered in the short track speed skating gold competition.As for the Chinese delegation, we also performed very well in the competition yesterday.Ren Ziwei of China added another gold medal to the Chinese delegation by winning the men’s 1km short track speed skating event.The Chinese team was the winner of the day, but the Korean team, in sharp contrast to the Chinese team, had another surprise.So in the short track speed skating competition yesterday, The South Korean team including Hwang Dae-heon, the men’s short track speed skating 1 km three players, all are eliminated before the final, out of the competition for gold, and in the women’s 500 meters race, then The South Korean Olympic champion Choi Jung-min is also out early.It is a pity that the Korean team was completely wiped out in the short track competition.As a strong event in short track speed skating, the South Korean team did not show their super strength in this Winter Olympics, but such a result, accept the competition does make the South Korean team a little hard to accept.For such a result, we can see this aspect also is not very acceptable, South Korea, at the end of the match yesterday, after South Korea three short track speed skating player after the game, is the black face left the venue, all without any media interview, can say to Korean players is quite dissatisfied with the results of the game.What is worth mentioning is that the Korean team had two athletes, including Hwang Dae-heon, fouled out in the 1km short track speed skating.Faced with such a situation, Korean netizens and media seem to disagree.After yesterday’s match, the South Korean media also protested against the referee’s decision.Many South Korean netizens said that the referee seemed to be targeting the South Korean team in the enforcement of the law, they also said that they did not understand the referee, in the 1km short track speed skating in a penalty scale.The South Korean team failed to make it to the final even after winning three gold MEDALS in short track speed skating.As for the Korean Skating Association, it directly said that these decisions are absurd, so the Korean team gold medal was stolen by the referee to the Chinese team.According to the latest news yesterday evening, the Korean Skating Association has decided to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The Korean team said it was dissatisfied with the decision and wanted the court of Arbitration for Sport to give justice.So in the end of the game that night, Korean skating association is quickly appealed the behavior of the international sports arbitration, is largely reflects their for South Korea in this game are not satisfied, but we also can feel this time South Korea is the whole team performance worse, all pass on the referee.In their minds, the Korean team did not perform well this time, and the main problem was that there was nothing wrong with the referee himself.So this is the attitude of the Korean team.But for South Korea such a statement, for the Korean skating Association this time of practice, I believe that the majority of our netizens are very speechless.Because we can see this time the Foul of the Two Players of the Korean team out, are conclusive evidence is the scene of the referee through our Beijing Winter Olympics high-speed camera Cheetah, back and forth to watch the decision, the overall replay is very clear, can say that the Foul of the Korean team is beyond doubt.Therefore, the Korean short track speed skating team did not realize their poor performance this time, but more problems appeared in their own body.This is the attitude of the Korean team, it can be said that the Korean team really has some sore losers this time.Because of these two accidents, the mentality of the Korean skating team has been greatly impacted.This is absolutely pyrrhic for them.