An old woman in Shanxi Province raised a one-armed abandoned baby by collecting garbage. After 25 years, how did the girl repay her?

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I believe that many viewers in their daily life, have heard a sentence, that is, do not do small good.So in daily life, just emerged a lot of Lei Feng type characters, although they are very ordinary, but made extraordinary deeds, is also a very praiseworthy thing.Among these living Lei Feng, gao Zhanxian, an old woman from Shanxi Province, is also the most typical example.Although she relies on collecting rubbish to make a living, however heart is good read aloud however, rely on oneself effort, raise alone the abandon baby gao Sien of a single arm, let a person praise.Now 25 years have passed, Gao Sien has become a master’s student, she in order to repay their adoptive mother, paid very hard efforts, also worthy of praise.And Gaosen by virtue of their own efforts, become a national secondary athletes, the future is very bright.In July 1994, Gao Zhanxian was looking for garbage in the streets of Taiyuan as usual.But when she came near the train station, she saw a crowd of people gathered together and heard a baby crying from inside.Gao Zhanxian took a closer look, originally found here an abandoned baby, was put in a cardboard box.The baby girl was abandoned by her parents because she only had one arm.Although the little girl was very poor, no one was willing to help her. The sky was very dark and it was going to rain heavily.Seeing such a situation, Gao Zhanxian did not hesitate, she immediately dispersed the crowd, and picked up the cardboard box and went home.It was from then on that Gao Zhanxian became dependent on the abandoned baby. Although gao Zhanxian was already fifty-seven years old at this time, she did not care at all and gave the girl a very pleasant name called Gao Sien.The reason to make such a choice is largely because Gao Zhanxian herself is an abandoned baby, she was very young, once tasted the sorrow of the world, so she did not want Gao Sien to suffer the same suffering.While the other children were breast-feeding, Gao Zhanxian, who did not have much money, had to boil some mushy rice to feed Goshen.Since Gaosen can remember, she has been taken by Gao Zhanxian. Because the age difference between them is more than 50 years, Gaosen also calls Gao Zhanxian grandma in daily life.The two went through the streets to pick up trash, which not only gave Gosian a hard-working character, but also became most of her childhood memories.As he grew older, Gosling began his morning meal by sorting the trash his grandmother had picked up the day before and taking it to the junkyard in a cart to pay for their living expenses.It is in the long years of busy, And compared with ordinary children, Gosian also looks very mature, in the eyes of her neighbors and friends, she is like a little adult.Although the meals were monotonous, sometimes with no simple vegetables, Goshen never complained, which also made Gao Zhanxian very happy.When Gao Sien reached the school age, she envied her peers very much, but because she did not have a registered residence, the school was not willing to accept her, which also made Gao Zhanxian feel very painful. In order to satisfy Gao Sien’s desire to go to school, she asked her grandparents to go to school many times.Although Gao suffered many setbacks and was rejected by many principals, she never gave up.Gaosen’s longing to go to school was the inexhaustible motivation for Gaosen. Finally, with the help of the media, Gaosen got what she wanted and went to school to study.This is also a very happy thing for Gosian, who cherishes the hard-won learning opportunity.In Gosian’s class, she works the hardest and is always at the top of her class.To save money on electricity, Gosian often reads books under streetlamps, much to the dismay of her grandmother.To save $3, He never took the bus, rain or shine, but ran to school on his legs.It is also in the years of exercise, Gossen’s physical fitness is increasingly enhanced.When he took the high school entrance examination, Gosian became one of the few students in his class who got full marks in PE.This not only gave Gosian more confidence, but also allowed her to play to her strengths, winning awards frequently at school sports events.After coming to the municipal games, Gosian also did well. She ran all the way to the national Para Games, where she did well.In Gosian’s home, there are still two boxes of certificates and MEDALS, which not only represent gosian’s outstanding achievements, but also let more audiences see the sweat left by Gosian all the way.However, what we did not expect is that when gao Sien graduated from senior three, he did not choose to be a sports expert. Instead, he took the college entrance examination just like ordinary high school graduates and was admitted to Shanxi University with excellent results.After all levels of media reported gosian’s disabled story, the school exempted her tuition specially, so that Gosian could devote more time and energy to her study.During the four years in college, Gosian did not feel complacent. With her continuous efforts, she not only won the individual scholarship, but also participated in public welfare activities enthusiastically, showing her positive energy.Happy times always pass quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, Gosian has graduated from university, but she did not rush to work. Instead, she took the examination for the master’s degree and realized her dream again with her excellent results.What we didn’t expect, however, was that while Gosian was preparing for her graduate exams, her grandmother accidentally fell.During that time, While taking care of her grandmother, Gosian used her spare time to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, but her study was not greatly affected.With the gradual improvement of grandma’s health, Gosian also fulfilled his wish to receive the admission notice of the master’s degree, which is also a very commendable thing.Appearing on the variety show “Thank you for Coming” also brought More people’s attention to Gothern’s story.Now more than 20 years have passed, Gao Sien has grown into a good student, she is very grateful to Gao Zhanxian in her heart.Especially in the program recording scene, Gao Sien and Gao Zhanxian affectionate hug together, but also let everyone feel the blood is thicker than water of the family.Although they are not related by blood, their love for each other is genuine and amazing.