The third spring Welcome Exhibition was held in Linxian county

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Recently, “native land — the third Spring Welcome Art Exhibition” in Linxian Xie Yongzeng Sun Jiagou Art Museum opened.The exhibition has more than 180 works from nearly 100 artists from inside and outside the province, involving traditional Chinese painting, watercolor, printmaking and other forms, the theme to euloge the new era, praise the new countryside, new life.Through their own ink and ink language, the artists depicted a hometown of rural revitalization and a spiritual home for nostalgia, bringing a rare spiritual feast to Luliang Mountain during the Spring Festival.Traveler Wu Yuer: I also study art, so I’m particularly interested in it.Just take photos and punch the clock. It’s also a response to the call of the country.They are all about the local conditions and customs of the yellow land. As a local man, I have a deep feeling for them.Through the artist’s expression, appearing in the painting, more understanding, I think it is particularly good.Li Mingming: The works not only show local conditions and customs, but also attract artists from all over the country to enter the countryside and understand Luliang through the power of art.The art Museum has become a cultural link between Sunjiagou and the outside world, and it is hoped that artists from all over the country can come to Luliang to continue writing more rural stories.Tourist Wang Ruibing: It gives us a visual enjoyment and a good opportunity to learn and improve.Exhibiting author Wang Ai-rong: I brought two works, both of which are flowers and birds.One is flowers and riches, the other is good luck, during the Spring Festival to bring people a happy feeling, let people thriving, happy mood.Xie Yongzeng Sunjiagou Art Museum, opened in July 2019, is a cave style rural art museum.Adhering to the spirit of “lighting up the countryside with art”, the museum has held many thematic exhibitions since its opening, attracting a large number of artists and tourists to sunjiagou to collect and write.It not only drives the development of local culture and tourism industry, but also sets a good example of how art can help rural revitalization. It also changes people’s concept of rural production and life in Sunjiagou and makes them spontaneously integrate into the track of the development of the museum.Soft culture promotes new life and truly practices the tenet and concept of “art comes from life and art serves the people”.(Reporter: Xue Yafei wu Changhong) Source: Luliang Radio and TELEVISION Station