Hidden in the depths of Hangzhou, jiangnan ancient town allows you to travel back to an old time that most people do not know

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Hidden in the depths of Hangzhou jiangnan Ancient Town, let you go back to the old times, ordinary people do not know if you want to bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, or to find a less crowded scenic spots, then choose Fuyang Longmen ancient town is certainly not wrong, it is a national scenic spot, 52 kilometers southwest of Hangzhou fuchun River south bank.And sun Quan’s hometown, from Hangzhou to the traffic here is also very convenient.There are buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties in Longmen ancient Town, which can be said to be a clocking resort, but there are not many Internet celebrities, so here is more quiet, can be said to enjoy the spectacular scenery, is not enchanted?A few years ago, longmen ancient town began to develop tourism market, but also because there are beautiful ancient buildings and scenery, traditional temple fair culture, food festival, there are many acrobatic performances, the combination of traditional folk customs and ancient architecture scenery, to create the Fuyang Longmen ancient town scenic area.It has become a quaint town, many people like to come here, and white-collar workers who work and live very hard in the city have become popular to spend their holidays here.People who have been here can appreciate its simplicity, precision, simplicity, and modern living environment, you can come here to relax on holiday.There are a lot of male and female friends also like to travel here, relaxed and relaxed, and for everyone is a very good thing.It has become a 4A level scenic spot. Walking into the ancient town, you can see white walls, black tiles and many winding alleys. Longmen ancient Town has the spirituality of water and the simplicity of Ming and Qing architecture, which intertwine together to form a different charm.To say the history of the fuyang longmen ancient town is also worth mentioning, it used to be the hometown of Sun Quan, Longmen ancient town has a history of thousands of years, now look here seems to be a paradise, once the Sun Quan family on thousands of households live here.Therefore, the town was able to develop, and later it was able to continue to flourish, and it became the largest ancient village in the south of the Yangtze River.After coming to longmen ancient town, living is also very comfortable, many of their buildings have been transformed, the internal use of ancient construction, solid wood to build, comfortable and elegant, but only beautiful, each inn each room is different.Let’s clock in.The south bank of Fuchun River, 52 kilometers southwest of Hangzhou city features: The hometown of Sun Quan of The Three Kingdoms, famous for its unique ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.AAAA ticket: 30 Traffic: Get off at Fuyang Station of Hangzhou-Yellow High-speed Railway, and take Digital tourism line 9 of Longmen Ancient Town bus directly to the scenic spot.Nearby attractions: Longmen tracing to the source, old street village, creek family