3 undervalued meta-cosmic cryptocurrencies with market caps below $3 million

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Avaxtars was launched in October 2021 and is one of the leading meta-coins built around the Avalanche blockchain.It features an NFT based play-earning game that allows users to earn rewards in the form of AVXT tokens.AVXT is a native utility token on the platform that is used for in-game currency, rewards, and the purchase of NFT in its marketplace.Avaxtar is an NFT that allows users to mine tokens.The gameplay involves users buying Avaxtar NFT and sending it to various missions.These missions last a certain amount of time.The task is returned to NFT after completion and the user can get a reward.The Avaxtars ecosystem has a three-generation coin economy, including ENXT, DGC and AVXT tokens.ENXT tokens are liquidity tokens that reward those who provide liquidity to the market.DGC tokens can be generated when NFT is converted from Gen1 to Gen2.AVXT is the primary utility token used for various in-game activities such as purchasing NFT, rewards, etc.Avaxtars has fully featured games that players can currently check out.Users must purchase Avaxtar NFT to start the game, which costs less than $1.The game is perfect for new users who don’t want to spend a lot of money to get to market through Metaverse and NFT games.LFW launched its token in October 2021 and is a blockchain-based RPG based on binance smart Chain.The game is built using the Unity game engine to provide an immersive gaming experience.Gameplay revolves around the player building their hero army and using their character’s unique skills and attributes to lead them to victory.Each character in the game is marked as NFT, and a character must be purchased before the game can begin.The average cost of LFW NFT is 1 BNB.Legend of Fantasy War has a highly active NFT marketplace that enables users to purchase characters, equipment, consumables, land, and fashion items.The game’s native token is the LFW, which serves as the primary utility asset in the project ecosystem.Launched in May 2021, Fear describes itself as the leading blockchain entertainment platform for horror games.It contains a range of blockchain-based horror games, including 2D action/puzzle games and immersive 3D horror games that users can view.The Fear ecosystem has two types of tokens, including Fear and BLOOD.FEAR is the main utility asset on the platform, which users can pledge for rewards.BLOOD is an in-game token used to power the FEAR ecosystem.The platform is still in its early stages.Some upcoming features include The flagship NFT sale with cross-chain interoperability and multiple game utilities, The FEAR Wallet launch, The Crypto (Alpha) game, and more.If you’re a fan of horror games, we strongly encourage you to check out the Fear platform and its current collection of games.