2022 Fujian Spring Festival Gala: Be the best of yourself

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The Arrival of the Year of the Tiger, all over the Spring Festival Gala.The Fujian Spring Festival Gala is a surprise, subverting the audience’s impression: “Is this still the Fujian Spring Festival Gala I know?””This Spring Festival Gala is very lively!””, “Very fu Jian!.By January 31, the year of the tiger f it is good to see the joy, 2022 new fujian’s happy night program name appeared frequently on each network hot search list, o # wonderland in deduce li spring #, # YunGa appeal # at the top of the world so many people, sketch shows the heirs of sha county is rushed to the microblogging hot search a third of total list.At present, the Spring Festival Gala has become a typical program to show the strength of various TV stations.And exactly how to do it is also directly related to the theme of each program, audience preference and media development goals.To be yourself, to ratings or to break the circle?Should be strategically positioned, fit the national public or close to the local people?There is no doubt that in the past year, driven by the “Chinese Festival Series” of Henan SATELLITE TV, the programs of local TV stations have undoubtedly entered a most serious period of introversion. Under the circumstance that the unprecedented “war” of Spring Festival Gala has already started, the author thinks that the first thing is to be yourself;And the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, “Year of the Tiger Good Luck to see joy — 2022 Fujian Spring Festival Joy Night”, is to do the best of their own.For quite a period of time, many TV stations are aiming at “audience rating” and have to chase “traffic” and “spectacle”.Places with more abundant funds are naturally more likely to “call the wind and call the rain”, but for the media with less investment and capacity, it is hopeless to “turn over”;And in the long run, cutthroat competition leads to ever greater investment.As a matter of fact, there are some channels that increase investment and rush after the “first line”, but also because of their lack of creative ability, exhausted energy to do it, but there is no response.On the other hand, if you design content according to the suit, you can at least have a unique look, or it is possible to “small broad”.As for today’s unimpeded communication channels, as long as it is meaningful and high-quality content, it will be loved by high-quality audiences and widely appreciated.”2022 fujian New Year happy night could not adopt the traditional Spring Festival gala relative, but according to the fujian region and folkway, put one more program at our performance space in the subordinate multiple cities and multiple scenarios, with a seemingly random series of documentary type, plot type, either with a returning, new son-in-law to the door or entrepreneurs, well-meaning to string the entertainment programs one by one,At the same time, they are also the expression of fujian’s unique family culture and brave spirit of struggle.More importantly, each program has a theme and meaning, as much as possible to connect with the local landscape, customs, people and emotions.For example, the dance “Spring Day” takes Mount Wuyi as the main scene, deducing the highlight moment of zhu Xi, a great confucianist, igniting the audience’s cultural confidence;A Yunga’s “So Many People in the World” ranked 24th on weibo’s hot list that night, showing real ordinary people: doctors, policemen, delivery boys, ordinary workers in various positions, excellent Communists…Their silent dedication is admirable and makes the song more meaningful;The instrumental song Spring Breeze, led by Zhang Chenguang and Jiang Yuheng, was performed in Pingtan, the nearest city to Taiwan, showing the special relationship between Taiwan and China.Language programs in the Spring Festival Gala focus on the outstanding talents in fujian’s construction. For example, “Successors of Shaxian county” tells the reason why Shaxian Snacks can rise in the whole country. “Low-key Fujianese” is praised for its pragmatic and enterprising spirit introduced by famous brands and entrepreneurs.The show focuses on poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.At the end, the song “New Love Can only Win” was performed by singers from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as overseas Chinese. It is not only the fusion of various singing styles and Fujian dialect, but also the sublimation of the theme of the whole show. It is a demonstration of the fighting spirit of Fujian people and a good blessing for the festival.From the overall arrangement, the whole program theme and emotional expression level rich, logical, relaxation degree, each perform their own duties;Relaxed and emotional, not deliberately pursue the stimulation of explosive laughter.Program style rich and collocation, to undertake natural, no waste of ink.In the arrangement of performers, from stars to ordinary people, there is no fall in the chase “flow” of the convention;In terms of the expression object of each program, the complex design accommodates the audience of multiple cultural levels, age groups and circles.From the production point of view, the overall painting style is fresh, focusing on the in-depth interpretation of fujian local culture, which makes the ideological expression of the work has a high level of audio-visual presentation, which is also the necessary condition for the program to be widely spread in today’s era.In a word, the gala did its best and became the name card of Fujian, thus gaining the core driving force for success.Lei Meifeng and Lei Qingmei, two inheritors of the She minority, will be featured on the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala.正 : Have you got it?CCTV “xiao Chun evening” on those “Ning Defu”…■ There are adjustments!Related to ningde people Spring Festival travel ■ Che Li Bay supporting G104 National road K0 to K1 section officially opened to traffic ■ the city’s first!Report drunk driving success, reward 2000 yuan![This is Mindong Daily, thank you for reading] Mindong Daily mobile terminal matrix “You say I do” news hotline: 2876799