Zhai Xiaochuan kicks Meng Zikai, intentionally or accidentally?You don’t have to take it too seriously

2022-06-04 0 By

Tianjin played Beijing, who were also looking for revenge for their narrow loss in the previous round and still managed to beat them by a huge margin.Relative to the game itself, in fact, the most eye-catching or Zhai Xiaochuan after a dunk to hang the basket kick meng Zikai ready to serve the baseline.The kick caused Meng to fall directly to the ground, and the referee was the first to review the video, the final ruling zhai Xiaochuan foul.Zhai Xiaochuan for the field penalty also expressed their dissatisfaction!As for Zhai Xiaochuan why there will be such a big reaction, nothing more than two points.First of all, this is a joint action after a dunk, and he was accidentally brought to the opponent, more or less an accident, you call a foul a little too much.The second is meng Zikai before serving, his hands are not clean, touched Zhai Xiaochuan’s private parts.That is to say, if Zhai Xiaochuan hit Meng Zikai face can breach.So mengzikai monkey can steal peach?Is the penalty different just because of the degree of injury?So Zhai Xiaochuan will have doubts.In fact, through slow motion, Zhai Xiaochuan after dunking, his feet did bring meng Zikai’s face, and because of the inertia after the basket, kick up the power is quite large.This also directly leads to Meng Zikai into a temporary circle state.But all of this happens in a flash, and it’s hard to say who’s doing it on purpose.But from a personal point of view, Zhai Xiaochuan after the dunk or a slight foot movement, we can go back to see the replay.Although the action is after all hidden, but fortunately only brought to once, not front kick up, otherwise Meng Zikai may be more seriously injured.Or personal analysis, perhaps because meng Zikai one of the gods hand or caused zhai Xiaochuan’s dissatisfaction, so just staged a head shot.And the referee only sees the result, you did kick, then give you a violation is fine.In fact, such things happen in other teams might not trigger such attention, but this Team in Beijing such things tend to be easily magnified.Because at that time they are also the same as the current Guangdong, also a number of points of injury attributes.Whether we’re right or wrong, at least they hit you because you were hurt, and even if it’s sympathy for the injured, it’s normal to criticize you.As the captain of Zhai Xiaochuan, we can say that he did not mean to hurt people!But his line about what’s wrong with Beijing still lingers in xiao Bian’s ears.What do you think of Beijing?As the capital of our country, China is being evaluated like this.The impression is that everyone wants to see Beijing jokes, waiting to find a topic about Beijing.Is it really fair to them, that they’re so annoying to you?