Provincial government work report names these 4 kinds of agricultural products, want to play a big chess

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Zhou Naixiang, governor of Shandong Province, delivers a government work report at the opening of the seventh session of the 13th Shandong Provincial People’s Congress on Jan. 23, 2018.The report puts forward: to accelerate the development of the whole agricultural industry chain.Strengthen yantai apple, Shouguang vegetables, yanhuang beef cattle, Yanhuang wheat and other national advantages and characteristics of the industrial cluster, cultivate agricultural characteristics of the single champion.Yantai apple, Shouguang vegetables, along yellow beef cattle, along yellow wheat these four kinds of agricultural products written into the provincial government work report, with what?And what are their characteristics?Yantai Apple has a long history, ringing China, the impact of the world, yantai geographical indication certification trademark.Yantai apple cultivation history can be traced back to 400 years ago, there are written records, Ming Dynasty Wanli 46 years (1618) “Fushan County” volume one “Geographical fruit category” recorded in fushan cultivated “bonus” and so on, belongs to a kind of Apple in China.Yantai apples are famous for their “regular shape, gorgeous color, sweet crisp flesh and strong aroma”.In Shandong, mention to eat apples, eat red Fuji, the first thing that comes to mind is Yantai apple.Search the country where the most delicious production of apple, Yantai apple also hegemony list.In December last year, Wang Yaping, a girl from Shandong province, became an avid foodie on Twitter and Facebook after she ate an apple on a space station.Shouguang, shandong province, named by The State Council as the “Hometown of Chinese vegetables”, has the largest vegetable production and wholesale market in the country, and is the largest vegetable distribution center in the country.Moreover, Shouguang, along with California of the United States, Lansing Glen of the Netherlands and Almeria of Spain, is also known as “the world’s four leading vegetable regional centers”. It can be said that Shouguang can see the future of China’s vegetable industry.How strong are shouguang vegetables?What can happen in one minute at Shouguang?3234 seedlings were successfully cultivated.Vegetable farmers picked 305 shouguang Los City color pepper;7,611 kilograms of vegetables were traded in shouguang Agricultural Products Logistics Park;8,562 kilograms of vegetables sold at home and abroad;664 jin Shouguang Hua Long carrot transported to foreign companies;7611 kg shouguang vegetables to the table…At the height of the epidemic, shouguang people transported hundreds of tons of vegetables to Hubei every day to meet the basic living needs of the people during the epidemic.The yellow beef cattle industrial cluster along the east of yellow beef cattle mountain covers six counties such as Gaoqing County of Zibo city, Liangshan County and Jiaxiang County of Jining City, Yangxin County of Binzhou City, Yuncheng County of Heze City and Cao County.In 2021, Shandong Yanhuang Beef cattle industrial cluster was selected into the “2021 Construction list of Agricultural Industrial Clusters with Advantages and Characteristics” by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance.At the end of last year, the domestic first link all digital beef industry cluster in shandong zibo, project by the fusion of the Internet and the Internet consumption and industry to realize “beef characteristic industrial park + + + the cold fresh supply chain whole industry chain of high-end beef brand” four one of the digital management all the way, for the province the stability of the beef cattle slaughtering enterprises open up new channel sales.Shandong is one of the thirteen major grain producing provinces in China, with a perennial wheat planting area of nearly 60 million mu and a total yield of about 26 million tons.Wheat processing capacity reached 36 million tons, ranking first in China.Large-scale high-quality special wheat planting area of 19.2 million mu, wheat flour processing enterprises top 50 Shandong accounted for 7 seats.The Yellow River moistens wheat fields and provides a strong guarantee for the harvest of wheat along the Yellow River.In recent years, relying on the Huang Xiaomai industrial cluster, in the construction of whole industry chain of wheat in the area along the Yellow River in shandong, the area including zibo huantai county, dongying city guangrao county, dezhou city ling, yucheng city, qihe, pingyuan county, xiajin county, binzhou city, zouping city, southeast coast city, a total of 4, 10 county (city, area), an area of 14.67 million mu,With an agricultural population of 4 million, it is an important production, processing and logistics area of high-quality wheat in Shandong Province.At present, around the wheat industry, Shandong is building a whole agricultural industry chain led by agricultural science and technology innovation, supported by large-scale planting bases, driven by industrialization leading enterprises, and gathering modern production factors.By 2025, the whole wheat industry chain will link production, addition and marketing, and integrate agriculture, culture and tourism. All links will effectively link up and develop in synergy, setting a benchmark for the whole agricultural industry chain.Industrial revitalization is the foundation of rural revitalization, and promoting rural industrial development is an important way to increase farmers’ income and achieve common prosperity.On January 12 this year, the provincial agriculture and rural areas (rural revitalization) directors’ meeting was held in Jinan. The meeting made it clear that Shandong will focus on extending the chain to grasp the industry, cultivating excellent quality to grasp the brand, and gradually form a new engine of agricultural exports featuring the trinity of “agglomeration area + enterprise + base”.Yantai apple, Shouguang vegetables, yanhuang beef cattle, yanhuang wheat and a number of agricultural single champion, the formation and expansion of a number of characteristic industry advantages.New agricultural business cards rose to fame in Shandong, creating a “main board” of agricultural characteristic industries, embedding all kinds of business entities and production factors into each link of the industrial chain, realizing the development of traditional agriculture and modern agriculture at the same frequency.(Report by Dazhong Daily client reporter Li Wei and Intern Wang Yidan)