Latest publicity!Hebei 30 counties to win the new title of provincial, congratulations

2022-06-04 0 By

Hebei Province peace construction leading group office latest publicity!Recommended by each level, layer upon layer of screening, reported to the provincial peace construction leading group review and confirmation, plans to shijiazhuang Luancheng District and other 30 counties (cities, districts) as peace Hebei construction demonstration county awarding naming object,And see who has left left left gave nameboards quasi named 2017-2020 annual peace hebei construction demonstration county (city, area) list (30) of shijiazhuang LuanCheng area, gaoyi, zanhuang chengde city longhua county, xinglong, eagle hand ying zi mine shangyi county, zhangjiakou, YangYuan koho county county, huailai county of qinhuangdao beidaihe, shanhaiguan area tangshan qian ‘an, caofeidian area, laoting county, anci district, langfang city dacheng county baoding wangdu county, fuping county, cangzhou city xinhua district, suning county, hengshui city, raoyang, anpingxian xingtai ngawi, letters, and discuss all handan Renaissance male Ann district area, wuan, fengfeng mining area city source | changan county, hebei