Daddy, why are you on mommy?”Dad looked embarrassed, my mother replied

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When there are no children, couples can enjoy their own privacy and have fun at home every day.However, after having children, life was greatly restricted.On the one hand, they need to keep the attitude of parents in front of their children. On the other hand, children have a lot of problems, and parents can not cope with the tricky Angle.Dad, why are you on top of Mom?Xiao Guang is already a gleam on his father’s nerves, and his knowledge is at stake because his children’s daily questions are new.What embarrassed my father most was what happened one night.At that time two people of husband and wife are closing the door to enjoy their own two people world, unfortunately small light up at night when the door is still bright parents, no sign of the direct rushed in, saw the father lying on the mother’s body.The child was very angry, thinking that his father was bullying his mother, and said that he would complain to his grandmother tomorrow.”My father was perplexed by the sudden change in the Gleason’s wall and did not know what to do.The mother dressed quickly and carried the child to the living room. She told the child that daddy did not bully mommy, which was a way of showing love between adults.On hearing this, the boy’s face eased and his mother promised not to complain to her grandmother for the second day.When the child wanted to know more, the mother promptly refused the child.Mother said that now little light is too young, when little light is older will tell the truth.A similar experience occurred with a female PhD student, but the parents took a very different approach.When she was seven years old, she accidentally caught her parents in the act and was scolded and even beaten by her father.So much so that she was afraid of the relationship between men and women and is now unmarried in her 30s.For several times, she hoped to overcome her psychological barriers and bravely accept each other, but she always failed in the end.As for sex knowledge, parents should be careful when dealing with it. Once children talk about sex knowledge, or parents are watching TV with their children, all of a sudden something only adults can do on TV, parents will be embarrassed and may try their best to change the topic.However, this kind of perfunctory way does not bring good influence to children, but will make them have stronger curiosity and explore the unknown things by themselves.But children ignorant, in the process of exploration, not only can not get the right answer, and may hurt themselves.So parents must not be perfunctory, we should take a serious attitude to the children of science.However, if the child is too young, we can not popularize science too deeply. We can just like the mother above, tell the child that this is a way of expressing love between adults. The child is still too young now, and will adopt the same way when he or she finds the one he or she loves when he or she grows up.Some parents, impatient at the gleason’s children’s problems, simply tell their children to shut up and stop pestering them.But this will only discourage children’s enthusiasm, so that they become unambitious.Every day, I think about how to play with my classmates instead of being curious about strange things.Curiosity is a vital factor in children’s learning, and those who have a keen curiosity tend to get better grades.So in the face of children’s problems, parents should be patient to help them answer, rather than perfunctory.Of course, when facing some special problems, parents should also pay attention to the way to solve the problem.To sum up, parents often encounter some embarrassing situations when they get along with their children. At this time, parents must pay attention to their way of dealing with them, because different ways will bring different influences to their children.When the child gradually mature, we must carry on the education of sexual knowledge to them, do not let them ignorant, so it is easy to be hurt by others.