DYG first show was LGD goose zero seal, Hunan army was replaced xiao Jue Xingyu is not, no one is the bottom!

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On the first day of the 2022 KPL Spring tournament, DYG and LGD big Goose, two group A teams, had A fierce clash, and to be honest, the result was A bit of A surprise.LGD geese after the substitution, the state is good, the overall level can not say how strong, at least played their own strength.DYG, on the other hand, was a bit of a surprise, a mess of play, and a midstream substitution.Finally LGD goose zero seal, is also lost a little miserably.Through this match, it can be seen that DYG is still facing constant problems, while Xiao Jue is not in the squad and Xingyu is also transferred out. No matter what the result is, no one will take the blame this time!DYG DYG first show was LGD goose zero seal, the state gap is obvious!LGD Big Goose zero win DYGDYG this season is also a pledge, do enough preparation, want to rise again, however, in the first game, DYG met LGD big goose, is also a pity to lose.And this game is also a zero, which many people did not expect.In fact, LGD goose side of the problem is also many, did not say how strong the strength has become, but is a normal play.But just like this, DYG did not play, enough to show that DYG’s problem may be more serious than we thought!This gap is mainly in terms of state.Hunan army was replaced in the middle, less trust follow-up more trouble!In this game, the return of The Hunan army is highly expected. As a command type, the strength of the Hunan Army is also highly recognized. However, DYG was behind and carried out a substitution, and the Hunan Army was replaced, which is also a little unexpected.To be honest, in the first game, to make a substitution, there are two possibilities, one is really not in good shape, can only make a substitution.The other is to have two lineups ready to switch at any time.And no matter which kind of possibility, is to hunan army less a kind of trust.After the lack of trust, the follow-up competition, is the most troublesome!Emperor Wen is a long story, but Xiao Jue is not in the list!Xiao Jue also had a rotation of personnel in the middle of DYG in this competition. Neither Emperor Wen nor Ming Ming could change DYG’s fate of being locked out.At this time, people also remembered Xiao Jue.However, This time, Xiao Jue is not in the big list of DYG, also completely lost the possibility of playing.This also means that the middle path of DYG can only be chosen by Emperor Wen and Yang Ming. However, to be honest, both of them are inferior to Xiao Jue. I wonder if DYG has any regrets!Xingyu transfer, DYG has no bottom!Xingyu in addition to the middle, DYG auxiliary, is also a point of discussion, the original champion auxiliary Xingyu, now the official transfer, but see his performance in WB, and then the comparison of DYG auxiliary play, the result is clear at a glance.DYG this time, there is a feeling of burning Bridges, a number of veterans left, DYG can only rely on junior.After Xiao Jue and Xingyu left, DYG also had no cushion, so it had to move forward.Either way, there’s no turning back!DYG as the former champions, DYG also had A brief period of glory, now DYG is struggling in Group A, is also eager to have A breakthrough.From qingqing began, the champion players one by one to leave, now only small righteousness a person, is also some difficult to support.This thought that the return of Xiang Jun will bring new changes to DYG, but now, it seems that it did not play the effect.The first battle lost to LGD goose, exposed DYG a lot of problems, because LGD goose is just normal play, also give DYG a lot of opportunities, but DYG did not seize, and is still zero.So, DYG really need to reflect on themselves, if they can’t adjust in time, find their strength in time, then this season, there is a real risk of falling into group B.Since the choice to let the Hunan army back, we should give enough trust, so as to let the team, have a better play!