Zhaoyang District built 10 poverty alleviation workshops, 14 enterprises entered, to achieve the “four increase” effect

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Employment is closely linked to both the economy and people’s wellbeing.Zhaotong zhaoyang district to do real change of relocation for poverty alleviation “the second half of the article,” seize the employment the “gap”, the poverty alleviation workshop into resettlement community, send the jobs to the door, walked out of a nearby local employment as principle, supported by labor-intensive industries, to shop for poverty alleviation as the carrier of the new way of employment, to the nearestRealize the masses’ income to get rich, enterprise efficiency, growth, community power “four” effect, the key to solve the site communities in part because of looking after a family can’t migrant labor, won over the age of 60 to move objects, have certain ability to work and employment of the will of the disabled groups nearby employment difficult problem, through moving the masses stable employment “the last kilometer”.Currently, zhaoyang district built a total change of poverty alleviation and relocation site 22, cumulative settlement zhaoyang, YanJin, mark, suijiang town, the good and the male 6 counties (districts) of mine 17529 households, 72586 people, has built 10, a total of 31600 square meters, the workshop for poverty alleviation in 14 labor-intensive enterprises, a total of 5053 people to move people to work,The per capita monthly income was 1,200 yuan, and 1,053 relocated families gained employment and increased their incomes.In order to help the special groups in the resettlement area who are willing to work but unable to go out for work, semi-labor force, weak labor force and disabled people with certain working ability to achieve stable employment and sustained income increase, the Red Road resettlement area moved the poverty alleviation workshop into the community and delivered the jobs to the people’s doorsteps.Let the poverty alleviation workshop in the community become an important carrier of stable employment for the relocated people, driving them to increase their income and get rich.Honglu Resettlement area makes full use of the shop resources at the bottom of each community as poverty alleviation workshops. There are 6 poverty alleviation workshops in 3 communities, covering an area of 3,400 square meters.By optimizing the business environment and actively carrying out investment promotion, six labor-intensive enterprises have been introduced into the company, including Fengsheng Clothing Co., LTD., Shanjian Flower Professional Cooperative, Bangsen Bamboo Products Processing and Operation Department of Zhaoyang District, Gaming Clothing And Garment Factory, Xu Shuo Hair Products Co., LTD., and Hua Shuo Yaxin Clothing Co., LTD.Mainly engaged in clothing, rattan weaving, bamboo weaving crafts, earphone wire, Miao embroidery clothing, paper flowers and other products.The five-level operation mode of “enterprise + community + cooperative + poverty alleviation workshop + moving households” is adopted to carry out order-type production in the way of processing supplied materials, thus boosting the realization of “increasing the income of the masses, increasing the efficiency of enterprises, increasing the speed of getting rich and increasing the strength of communities”.Red road resettlement area to DaiXun mention skill will community poverty alleviation poverty alleviation workshop workshop into a training base, through multilateral secure funding, to workers DaiXun, training objects have 20 RMB per person per day, at the same time, combining with the moving mass employment intention, for “hand-on” type training, to promote the employment skills, strengthen the employment confidence,It has truly realized the transformation from “farmers” to “enterprise workers”.So far, a total of 452,700 yuan of subsidies have been granted to the trainees, and 453 relocated people have mastered employment skills through 50 days of practical training, achieving stable employment.Red road resettlement area MiaoXiu shop close service concerns in the poverty alleviation workshop worker masses elimination is mostly at home with the child’s parents or with a grandson, the old man, children unattended, hours of work to eliminate worries about the worker masses, workshop specially set up for poverty alleviation “child care area”, equipped with protective facilities, amusement equipment, educational toys, etc., and arrange the specialist is responsible for the care,Let the workshop workers work at ease to earn money.Flexible employment and stable income Increase Considering that some relocated people need to take care of the elderly, take care of students and other reasons, some enterprises in poverty alleviation workshop (such as:Rattan weaving, bamboo weaving, Miao embroidery clothing and other processing enterprises) adopt the way of not fixing the working place and working hours, so that the relocated people will bring the raw materials home for production, independently arrange the workload and working hours, and pay wages in the form of piecework.The “flexible employment” approach has not only solved the problem of employment for enterprises, but also solved the problem of employment and income increase for the people, forming a good situation of win-win cooperation between the people and enterprises.At present, the six poverty alleviation workshops have employed a total of 634 displaced people, including 336 workers who cannot go out for work, 188 old people aged 60-70 years or older, 67 old people aged 70-80 years or older, 8 old people aged 80 years or older, and 35 disabled people with working ability. The accumulated expenditure of workers’ wages is 1.71 million yuan.Zhaoyang district through the construction of workshop for poverty alleviation of dongfeng, one by one “small workshop” is playing a big role “, become to break old there is labor capacity, disability, unable to migrant workers to move objects to the adoption of employment, effectively solve the object to move out of poverty in the past “could not go out, the unemployed can be helped, weak income”,To become the main position of moving people upstairs to live downstairs, to stabilize the relocation of people employment chassis.In the construction of zhaotong iron fan group, welcome to add the administrator’s wechat account (wzhaotong). 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