Urgent reminder!Shaoxing people who have been to Ningbo from 25th to 30th please check and report

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At around 9 o ‘clock on March 30, Haishu District of Ningbo city found one COVID-19 positive person in the initial screening among the population willing to be tested.According to her self-report, she had no travel history outside the province in the past 14 days. She developed chills and cough on March 28 and went to the City women’s and Children’s Hospital for nucleic acid test on the evening of March 29.At about 14:00 on March 30, haishu District found the second COVID-19 preliminary screening positive case, and the first positive case was husband and wife.Citizens who have been to Ningbo from March 25 to 30 are requested to consciously check and report to their work units and communities (villages) immediately if they have time and space intersection with the above activities, so as to cooperate with the implementation of corresponding epidemic control measures!For those returning to Ningbo, please take the initiative to go to the inspection site for two nucleic acid tests.The following are the public places and activities of the above persons from March 25 to 30: From March 25 to 29: Fenghua Community in The city, And The French Fidelow Wine Shop (607 Cangsong Road);25 evening: Lao Wu Impression Ma Yuan Road Store (252 Ma Yuan Road);26th: Shaxian Snacks (538 Cangsong Road) at noon, Community Health Service Center (68 Yinjiang Road) at Nanmen Street in the afternoon;Evening Longquan Niangjia Cuisine (no. 589 Cangsong Road);27:14:00 to 15:00 at Xinli Flower Shop (no. 75 Guang ‘an Road) and around 15:00 at KFC (No. 256 South Huancheng West Road);Night Four Seasons Lobster (187-191 Yunxia Road);28:9:00 p.m. Community Health Service Center of Nanmen Street (No. 68, Yinjiang Road), leaving at around 10:00 p.m., leaving at ningbo DMV Branch (No. 1, Gulin Section, Yinxian Avenue), leaving at 13:00 p.m., leaving at Yonglan Tobacco and Wine Store (No. 550, Cangsong Road), leaving at 21:00 p.m., leaving at Xiangxiange Seafood Restaurant (No. 262, Ma Yuan Road);29:14:00 a tailor shop at the gate of Rongan Jia Jing, 15:00 Yongcheng Automobile Beauty club (No. 187 Baoshan Road), in the evening yongxi private banquet (No. 1 Songjiang West Road), Xinying light foot bath shop (No. 67 Cangsong Road), 23:00 to 24:00 A pingtou Quan Niu Restaurant (No. 48-50 Zhongcui Road);30th: Ningbo Women’s and Children’s Hospital.The current situation of the epidemic is severe and complex, please do not go out of the city unless necessary, gather less, wear masks, maintain one meter line, and take the initiative to vaccinate!Everyone participates in epidemic prevention and control!The first session of the Ninth National People’s Congress opened in Shaoxing.Another money saved you don’t have to go!We look forward to your help in reporting the latest situation of the epidemic in Zhejiang!Shaoxing issued a proposal on duty small cloth: Tu Yan-ting material: Yue Niu news Shaoxing City news media center braided hair