The “Habitat Garden” seminar in Changning is very popular!Why are so many residents so concerned?

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The long-awaited Liusan residential habitat garden finally has its own exclusive name!Xinjing Town recently announced the preliminary design scheme of the habitat garden and organized a publicity meeting to solicit feedback from residents’ representatives.The habitat Garden in Liusan residential area is located in the southeast corner of Hongkang Garden phase iii, Lane 109, Quankou Road, covering an area of about 800 square meters.What are the functions and uniqueness of the habitat garden?For this habitat garden that is about to be built beside, liu SAN community dweller has own idea.According to the preliminary questionnaire survey, residents pay high attention to the natural environment and have a good acceptance of insects. They hope that the habitat garden has a space for social interaction, children and solitude.The designers listened carefully to the residents’ aspirations and responded positively to their ideas, integrating the residents’ demands into the garden design, and customized a habitat garden design for Liu SAN residential area.The habitat garden to be built includes a five-sense garden that can feel the changing seasons of nature, an activity space to meet social needs, an eco-friendly area that collects rainwater to improve the microclimate, a hidden corner reserved for various animals, and a friendly platform.Chong Sun of Oya Design introduced to the residents that the habitat garden in Liusan residential area continued the ecological atmosphere of the surrounding environment into the garden, let the natural water flow in a casual manner, hid the artificial traces through the growth of plants, and made the artificial and nature integrate and penetrate each other, and finally returned nature to nature.By intervening in nature in a lighter and more invisible way, we can give nature time, let plants grow freely, reduce artificial traces, and create a “vanishing secret garden.”After listening to the design program, residents also have their own doubts and ideas, have to ask the designer.The children also looked forward to the upcoming habitat garden and put forward their own thoughts and suggestions.I think the road is a little wide, and we want to have winding, quiet paths, and terraced flowers.Is the puddle alive or dead?We are concerned that standing water breeds mosquitoes.What are the interactive instruments included?We want the habitat garden to be quiet and quiet. We should enjoy the beauty brought by nature.Designers carefully note down residents’ ideas and opinions, discuss with residents the possibility of landing, and use the results as the basis for a new round of program adjustment.In the follow-up modification and improvement of the program, Xinjing Town will further practice the concept of “whole-process people’s democracy” and transform the “golden idea” of the masses into the “golden key” of community governance.Due to the large number of residents, the lecture was conducted in two conference rooms at the same time in the form of “live broadcast + live explanation”.Residents selected “Shuiyun Habitat Garden” as the exclusive name of the habitat garden in Liusan residential area.Later, Zhong Yong, secretary of the General Party Branch of Liusan Residential area, Xinjing Town, read out the “Habitat Garden Residents’ Convention” and invited the residents of the community who are interested in becoming volunteers.If you are an urban wildlife expert, urban greening, gardening, landscape, ecological designer, or you are good at outdoor gardening and maintenance,…Please contact us, habitat Garden needs you!Look forward to your joining liu Sanju committee: 52179748 text/picture: Cheng Qinghui editor: Li Bingqian * reproduced please indicate from “Shanghai Changning” like a “like” welcome message comments and “ning ning” interaction to send me a “watching” floret ~