Prospects for defending the top five league titles this season

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First of all, the five major leagues are the premier League, La Liga, Italy, Germany and France.Some friends will say that the Portuguese super League has surpassed France’s Ligue 1 in points, among the top five leagues.Liao ge wants to talk about the ball, from another dimension, with Messi, Mbappe, Neymar’s Ligue 1, regardless of influence or value, far above Portugal.This season five league schedule has already passed half, today liao Ge chat ball and we discuss the prospect of defending the championship last season.1, Premiership champions: Before the start of the season, the media predicted a three-way race between Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea for the Premiership title.Now half way through the race, that prediction has proved correct.More accurately, however, Manchester City’s biggest threat to retain their title this season is old rivals Liverpool.In recent premier League matches, Manchester City and Liverpool have both won.Manchester City currently lead the league on 63 points after 25 games, with Liverpool chasing them on 54 points with a game in hand.In recent seasons, Manchester City and Liverpool have been at loggerheads in the Premier League.In the 2018-19 season, Liverpool became the highest points runners-up in the history of the Big Five, beating Manchester City by one point.The 2019-20 season was a blowout for a breathless Liverpool, who finished seven rounds ahead of Manchester City.In 2020-21, the title went back to Manchester City.Red and blue have become sworn enemies!Liverpool have had some good news with the return of salah and Mane from the Africa Cup of Nations.Salah has been on fire this season and is likely to win the Premiership player of the year award, but his bigger ambition is to help his side win the Premiership and the Champions League.But here has to pour cold water on Liverpool, this season to catch up with Manchester City, I’m afraid it will be difficult!Liverpool are six points adrift of Manchester City if they win a game in hand, so how can they not catch up?In addition to integrals, there is another word: trend!Last season, City finished mid-table and still won the title.City, who were not leaders at the start of the season, are now top.So Manchester City played “coming from behind”, that’s the scary part, because “coming from behind” is very strong!Like the “king of sprinting” Bolt.Guardiola in the league is really too strong!Have to say, Guardiola is too fit for the league, can call him the coach of the “king of the league”.City have a 90% chance of retaining the title.Last season, Atletico won la Liga for the first time in seven years.The champions, who started the season in the top spot, have dropped to fifth, 15 points behind leaders Real Madrid, and are neck and neck with Barcelona.Atletico’s chances of retaining their title this season are all but impossible.It is almost impossible for Atletico to defend the title.This season’s La Liga title is likely to be real Madrid, the biggest threat is “champions league” Sevilla.Last season, Inter beat city rivals AC Milan by winning their 19th Serie A title in 11 years.The battle for the scudetto this season is the tightest between the city rivals.At the start of this season, AC Milan and Napoli “double riding dust”.Unwilling to be lonely, the defending champions have come from behind and now form a three-way battle.AC Milan lead with 55 points from 25 rounds, inter 54 points from 24 rounds and Napoli 53 points from 25 rounds.Inter’s chances of retaining their title are uncertain.The winner of the most suspense.4. Defending Bundesliga champions: Bayern Munich’s most uneven league.Bayern are the standouts in the Bundesliga.Now after 22 games (34 in bundesliga), Bayern are six points ahead.This was not a reflection of Bayern’s true strength, which might have led by 16 points.The reason is that the Bundesliga title is no longer attractive or desirable for Bayern, because they are too short of it.I just don’t know if they have any interest in making it 10 in a row.Bayern can’t get away with the Bundesliga title if they want it.Last season, little-known Lille were the dark horses of France, snatching the title from Greater Paris.But defending a title, forget it.After 24 rounds, Lille are 10th with 35 points.Leaders Greater Paris have 59 points, 13 ahead of the second-placed team.This season’s Ligue 1 title is basically greater Paris.Lionel Messi will win the Ligue 1 title in his first season in greater Paris.But Messi’s real goal is to bring the Champions League to Greater Paris, whether or not he lives to do so.