“Iodized salt” was announced, is pickles 5 times, the doctor: do not want a cancer, early throw

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Thyroid is an important endocrine organ in human body, which plays an important role in maintaining human metabolism, growth and development.Among the major thyroid diseases, thyroid cancer is the most common thyroid malignant tumor. The incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing every year in China, and the incidence of female is higher than that of male.Thyroid cancer is often thought of as a low-grade, treatable cancer compared to other cancers, but it’s not that simple.Most thyroid cancer is well differentiated, which is relatively easy to cure. However, if unfortunately suffering from undifferentiated thyroid cancer, there is almost no effective cure. Therefore, thyroid cancer should not be underestimated.The incidence of thyroid cancer in China is three times that of 10 years ago, especially in some coastal counties and cities, the rising trend is more obvious.New thyroid cancer cases in China account for 15.6% of new cases and 13.8% of deaths worldwide, so we must not look down on this cancer.01 Early symptoms of thyroid cancer 1, local compression symptoms: thyroid cancer will continue to pressure the laryngeal nerve, leading to hoarseness, dysphagia and other symptoms, serious words will also appear dyspnea, hemoptysis and chest discomfort.2. In patients with early thyroid cancer, only physical diagnosis such as B-ultrasound examination or contact can find mass in the neck with poor activity, hard texture and surrounding infiltration.3, with the gradual expansion of the tumor, serious cases will appear lung metastasis, resulting in lymph node enlargement, invasion of the trachea will cause hoarseness of the patient’s voice, invasion of the esophagus will cause esophageal bleeding.4, hyperthyroidism patients will appear weight loss, mood fluctuations and memory loss.5, thyroid cancer will even transfer to the brain, patients appear dizziness, headache, limb numbness or dyskinesia and other discomfort.Can iodized salt cause Thyroid cancer?The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents advocate that the daily intake of salt should not exceed 6 grams. Excessive consumption of iodized salt will cause symptoms of excess iodine and salt, which will cause hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and so on.A typical manifestation of iodine excess is hyperthyroidism. Relevant results have proved that iodine excess and excess can induce and promote the occurrence and development of hypothyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis.Thyroid follicular carcinoma is common in iodine-deficient areas, while papillary thyroid carcinoma is common in iodine-rich areas and can increase the incidence of papillary thyroid cancer if iodine is consumed in excess.3 “iodized salt” was announced, is 5 times pickle, doctor: do not want to nail cancer, early throw tofu is a common condiment in life, but also a long-lasting delicious food, eating tofu in the right amount has certain benefits to the body.Fermented bean curd can help absorption, prevent pernicious anemia, supplement the effect of nutrients, and eat good taste, high nutrition, loved by people.But usually must eat less, do not excessive, tofu in the production process will add a lot of salt, and eating too much salt, will lead to the decline of human kidney function metabolism.Fermented bean curd is easy to be contaminated by microorganisms. Sulfur compounds will be produced after the oxidation and decomposition of proteins in tofu embryos. Eating too much bean curd will affect your health.Especially for people with poor thyroid function, it is necessary to eat less or not to eat. The salt content in fermented bean curd exceeds the standard, and after being absorbed by people, it will be transformed into nitrosamine, which is extremely carcinogenic, and will make thyroid hormone secretion unbalanced, resulting in cell destruction, thereby inducing thyroid cancer.According to relevant data, a bite of fermented bean curd is five times more than that of pickled vegetables. People who eat iodized salt do not want to suffer from thyroid problems, so they eat less or do not eat.
What should thyroid cancer patients pay attention to?1, keep the diet light, not eat spicy food.2, should not eat mutton, medlar, seafood food.3, should not eat raw onion, ginger, garlic pepper and other food.These things have a certain irritation, especially iodine containing food, but also induce the role of thyroid cancer recurrence, so for thyroid cancer patients, the diet must pay attention to and control.For more exciting content, follow Dr. Beau