Food circle interactive | New Year four welcome the Kitchen God!Chinese New Year fish tired of eating, netizens posted this dish: satiated appetizer

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The fourth day of the Lunar New Year, also known as the “Sheep Day”, is the day to welcome the Kitchen God in folklore.”Kitchen God” is the god of food in ancient Chinese mythology. In ancient times, there was a custom of eating “Jeluo” together on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year.The so-called “jeluo” is a hodgepodge of meals left over from several days, which also fully embodies the good virtue of thrift of the working people.On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, what delicacies are prepared on your table?In the hourly news · foodie circle, many foodies who are tired of eating big fish and meat begin to yearn for light diet. Each family has its own appetizer tips, let’s have a look!”During Spring Festival, there are big fish and meat every day!Good food and good wine!The most popular relatives and friends that or pickles oh!It tastes good when pickled vegetables are steamed with winter bamboo shoots, mixed with raw pickled vegetables and eight-treasure vegetables.Netizen @Huigu Minmin shared: “I don’t even want to eat fish and crabs for The New Year, so I have a five-egg fried rice with shrimp, egg, gourd, yellow claw and dried beans.Then a pot of authentic self-produced and self-sold Hangzhou sanxian.It tastes good. It hits the stomach.”Netizen @wuhuang long live after dinner solution of the trick, is the house boiling tea, both warm and comfortable ~ netizen @jiangnan can not stay still, has learned a new dish at home: “New Year home video, brush this shrimp fried egg jade tofu, just at home with these two ingredients, heart as action.”Netizen @Qinghe also showed their rich table, fruit is also an essential antidote to the New Year table.What will be on your table these days?And what “small lucky” would like to share with you?Hour news invites you to share the “Chinese New Year table”, and we have interactive gifts for you to pick up.This Spring Festival, we invite you to show off your dinner table — during the Spring Festival, show off your # hometowns New Year flavor;You can also post your # Spring Festival kitchen…All participating in the event will have the opportunity to receive the New Year’s gifts of the lo mei restaurant “Wei De Feng”. The organizers have prepared 100 gifts for you to taste.Get involved.From now to February 15 (1) download the hourly news client, click on the floating window below the home page “post news”, select “community post”.(2) Enter the “Foodie Circle” group and upload text + pictures. Each post can upload up to 9 pictures.(3) At the end of the activity, we will select 100 lucky netizens from all participants and send them a New Year’s welfare — a nice gift for the Lunar New Year.Tips: You can forward your posts to your circle of friends, invite friends and relatives to like and forward, increase your popularity value, improve the odds of winning the prize oh.