“Zero hundred” acceleration in 7 seconds, handling better than Sagitar!Test drive dongfeng Fengshen Game MAX

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On September 1 last year, Dongfeng Fengshen Yizhen MAX was officially launched. The new car is the first strategic model under the DSMA architecture independently researched and developed by Dongfeng, using a new exterior interior design, and launched a hybrid model.Yi dazzle MAX lowest price: 93900 understand car 3.69 to understand the observed no juyou ring 64000 78800 | juyou hot used car 7 game dazzle MAX and the level of many independent brand vehicles, the main movement style, and dongfeng fengshen team in CTCC is nearly two years have repeatedly.So how much of the racing DNA does The MAX have?Our test drive in Xiangyang may provide the answer.Before the official test drive begins, first clarify the power information of the test drive. The Fuel version of The Yi Xuan MAX is equipped with a 1.5 liter turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 190 horsepower.Peak torque 300 N · m, driveline matching 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox.The 1.5T hybrid has a maximum engine power of 163 HP and a peak torque of 230 N · m.The motor has a total power of 130 kW and a torque of 300 N · m. It is matched with an E-CVT continuously variable transmission.Ps4 tires of this size are priced at about 800 yuan per tire. In terms of tires, the brand has replaced Michelin PS4 tires with 215/50 R17 tires for this test drive. The price of tires of this size is about 800 yuan per tire.All the test instruments are professional equipment provided in the test venue. V-box is used to test 0-100 km/h acceleration.0-100 km/h acceleration test The fuel version of the Yizhi MAX starts smoothly, the tires do not break the grip the first test item is 0-100 km/h acceleration.Test conditions: The temperature of Xiangyang is 16 degrees Celsius, and the ground adhesion is general. The test vehicle has been tested for several rounds in the morning, and the driver weighs 102 kg.First of all, for the Fuel fuel version of The Yi Xuan MAX, open the sport driving mode, close the ESP body stability system, and press the brake and accelerator pedals. The engine is allowed to start at a maximum of 2300 RPM. Release the brake, and after a little hesitation in power transmission, the vehicle starts quickly, and the tire does not break the grip in the initial stage.The overall dynamic feeling is good, the sense of acceleration is obvious, the gearbox shifts quickly, and the vehicle acceleration is stable. Finally, the author achieved the “zero hundred” acceleration result of 7.63 seconds, while other testers achieved the “zero hundred” acceleration time of 7.13 seconds or so in the case of slightly cooler temperature and better vehicle state. It has to be said that,Such driving performance is quite commendable for a family car with a 1.5T engine.This is better than the Civic, Sagitar, Corolla and BMW 320 Li.The hybrid version of The Game dazzle MAX in the acceleration test when the obvious “head up” posture of the hybrid version of the car “zero hundred” accelerated into 7 seconds next is the hybrid version of the Game Dazzle MAX.With the hybrid system, it accelerated faster in the early stages, raised its head more clearly, and achieved a “zero hundred” acceleration time of 6.81 seconds with more than 80 percent battery charge.Milu Deer test Project, the official said that the milu deer test site adopts the “ISO3888-2 “international standard to build, set ABC three areas in the site, according to the width of different vehicle types set the width of the test area pile barrel.The width of zone A is model width ×1.1+0.25 m, the width of zone B is model width +1 m, and the width of zone C is 3 m.Elk test schematic Diagram The driver passes the test at a constant speed without using the accelerator or brake pedal and only using the steering wheel. While repeatedly testing, the driver gradually improves the speed and records the best passing speed after reaching the performance limit.The body stability system is not abrupt, the braking effect is obvious, the body follows well, the attitude is stable and the MAX car’s limit is clear, and it is relatively easy to “touch”.Thanks to its precise steering and sensitive directivity of the front, when entering zone B through zone A, the vehicle will smoothly “turn” as long as the driver’s direction is properly controlled. The overall sense of the whole body and the following performance of the rear of the car are worthy of affirmation.In the milu deer test, the author’s intervention of the electronic stability system of the maximum passing speed was timely and not abrupt, and the effective braking was implemented without too much influence on the attitude of the body, which finally made the vehicle pass through ZONE B and enter zone C smoothly.In the whole test process, the “stability” effect of the rear suspension was general. In the process of lane change, the rear of the car had a slight “jump”, but the flaws could not hide the flaws. Finally, the author passed the test area with the speed of 81.06km/h to prove its excellent handling.Simple stability test 1.5T power can meet the daily use of cars, but the track is a little inadequate. The third experience project is small track driving.Driving on the track, I can feel that the power reserve of The Yi Xuan MAX is still quite sufficient, but limited by the displacement limit, the acceleration performance of the latter part is not good enough for daily driving, but it still seems to be inadequate in the track.The shift logic of the gearbox is clear, and the speed of lifting and lifting is relatively fast. This is also one of the characteristics of the dual clutch gearbox, which is suitable for track driving with neat shifting feeling.There is one small problem, though. Even when you switch to manual, the gearbox will automatically shift when the engine speed is near the red line, which can be improved if it is sporty.Intense when driving, the track suspension supportive motocross, slightly less than in fast cornering, suspension of supportive wanting, to a certain extent, reduce the driver’s confidence, but I want to say is, this is a style of family car, the circuit is not its “stage”, we also need not too demanding for it.Of course, if you want to create a sports atmosphere, so exhaust sound aspects do some more articles are not impossible.The exterior design of The Game dazzle MAX is very prominent. Its sonic boom digital grille is inspired by the fierce momentum when the fighter breaks through the sound barrier.The whole front uses a large number of sharp lines for cutting, highlighting the young, sports theme.The shape of the large lamp group is also sharp, and LED light source is used for both near and far light.The body size of the vehicle is in the leading position in the same level of models. The length, width and height of the vehicle are 4797/1870/1475mm, and the wheelbase is 2770mm. The “three girth” is even slightly larger than geely Xingrui, almost reaching the threshold of medium-sized cars.Officially, the MAX boasts the “widest body in its class.”From the inside ride experience, yi Xuan MAX lateral space sense is indeed much better than corolla, Xuan Yi, etc.The through-through taillight of the rear of the car has a certain recognition. The shape change of the rear of the Game dazzle MAX echoes the shape of the front face, forming a unified design style.The current popular through-through taillight group has also appeared on the body of The Game dazzle MAX, making the overall sense of delicacy and fashion of the rear of the car improved.The texture of interior materials is good, which belongs to the excellent level of interior decoration in the same level. The modeling style of The MAX is relatively simple, and the central control screen tilts 9.8 degrees to the driver’s side, bringing better ergonomic layout.The MAX is also equipped with a “D” three-spoke steering wheel, 12.3-inch full LCD meters, a 10.25-inch center screen and electronic handles.The materials used for work in the car are also remarkable. The door panel and the central console are covered with fur materials to effectively enhance the sense of class.WindLink 6.0 vehicle and machine system features rich configuration, Yixuan MAX carries the latest WindLink 6.0 vehicle and machine system of Fengshen, supporting online music, karaoke, navigation, voice recognition, Baidu CarLife/ Huawei Hicar mobile phone mapping and other functions.In addition, on the entry version, the new car is standard with LED headlights, cruise control, multi-functional steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, one-button start, Autohold automatic parking, front center armrest heating/cooling function, external rearview mirror electric adjustment, 17-inch rim, reversing radar, reversing image, etc.At the same time, another point worth praising is that the back seat of Yixuan MAX is wide and comfortable, the length of the cushion is long enough, and the supporting effect for the legs is excellent. This is exactly what many models of the same level do badly in order to “steal space”.In contrast, the MAX is worthy of praise in this respect.To sum up, BEFORE this test drive, I also briefly drove The Yi Xuan MAX. At that time, I felt that the Yi Xuan MAX has rich configuration, large seating space, and the materials used for interior decoration are very “cheap”.After the site test drive, it showed a good power and control level, better than the same level of mainstream Models such as Sagitar and Corolla, and in terms of appearance design, it is also more youthful temperament.So, if your hand holds the budget of more than ten thousand yuan, want to buy the word of family car that has sporty temperament, big space, might as well pay attention to Yi Dazzle MAX, try driving personally, perhaps you can discover a few “surprise”.Dear friends: Shenzhen Wanjun Dongfeng Fengshen store is committed to providing you with what you want to meet your different choices.At the same time, we always believe and insist: with 100% smile, to meet every customer;With 100% passion, infected every customer;With 100% enthusiasm, service every customer!We strive to perform at our best every single day!Because for us, every customer is our most valuable wealth.We also believe here: there will always be a suitable for you!Shenzhen Wanjun · Dongfeng Fengshen — Focus on Dongfeng Fengshen · Dongfeng Fengshen Shenzhen new flagship Wanjun Automobile (Shenzhen) Co., LTD. 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