Xiuwen County Zazuo street to play the role of retired cadres solid rural “five governance” work

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March 24, Xiuwen County zhazuo street organized retired cadres to gaochao village for the “five governance” dam will be publicized, the old comrades combined with their own work experience, ideological understanding, what they saw and heard, said experience, said feelings, offer advice.First, give full play to the role of “propagandists”, use various forms to actively carry out publicity of the policy of “five governance” in rural areas, mobilize the masses, rally the masses, enhance the sense of ownership of the “five governance”, and strive to create a good atmosphere of “everyone is responsible”.Second, we will play the role of “demonstration workers”.Retirees to talk more to parenting, both actively play a demonstration role in driving, take the lead to comply with the requirements of the “five”, from the care for the environment, save water, garbage sorting life-size BianShi, with their own practical action to demonstrate realizes rural “five” requirements, to drive the masses to participate more villagers, form all support rural “five”, all involved in the rural “five” good momentum.Third, play the role of “supervisor”.Rural “five” is a “persistent” problem, venerable retired cadres, old comrades to is easy to “persistent” problem, old comrades engaged in to a line at the grass-roots level, take the lead on promoting the supervision of the “rural” five governance work responsibility, guide the villagers the masses supervision consciousness unceasingly, makes the rural “five” strictly under the supervision of the masses in place.Through this propaganda, enhanced veteran cadres, people to civilized marriage mourning behavior of understanding, understanding civilized marriage mourning behavior of profit.The old cadres said that they should actively respond to the call of the Municipal party committee and the municipal government, take the lead in promoting changing customs and customs, and form a new marriage service, a simple funeral service and a new civilization.Xiuwen County zazuo street editor Yang Yan editor Liang Jian