With a more than fourfold increase in landlord mandates, the “rent plus” model could become the future standard for the industry

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Pinecone finance learned that, according to the news of Ti Media Appon April 7, Freely recently announced a number of Q1 business data in 2022 at the internal full staff meeting: the number of owners entrusted by the new model of gain rent increased by more than 400% over the same period last year, among which “Youjia” and “Xinshe” increased by nearly 360% and 600% over the same period last year;Luxury line “Manshe” increased housing supply by nearly 56% year on year;The newly increased housing supply of centralized “Freely Apartment” and “Freely Lane” increased 56% year on year;Free to decorate 75,000 houses a year;The annual sales of Free home clothes exceed 1 billion.Despite repeated outbreaks in key cities in the first quarter, and intermediary platforms such as Shell, 58.com and Anjuke have entered the rental and home decoration markets, As a professional housing rental enterprise, Freely has achieved significant improvement in scale, occupancy rate and other important operating indicators.Xiong Lin, chairman and CEO of ZFREELY, concluded at the meeting that the growth is mainly due to zfreely’s breakthroughs in five aspects: brand, rental, smart home decoration, zfreely home clothing and team, namely “five forces” promoting zfreely’s progress.Specifically, compared with the inherent disadvantages of the traditional general rental market, such as the rental cycle and unstable rental price, “no price difference” represents transparency, which means the ability to tell the owner clearly where every penny is spent and why every penny is spent.”No vacancy period” means that We are more confident in the efficiency of asset management. With the support of reputation, brand and customer flow, we make the whole leasing process faster and more convenient, and the duration of leasing is shortened to 15 days compared with the traditional 45 days.Gain lease is a more stable and fair way of entrustment for owners in a long period of asset management.Xiong Lin said that in the leasing process, no matter how the market changes, Freely will provide the owners with 80% to 90% of the guaranteed income, and as the owners entrust time increases, the income will continue to steadily increase.For the residential experience side, the perception brought by gain rent mode to users will be “epoch-making residential product”.On the new series “Xinshe 2.0”, we can optimize the interior space freely, and add more customized designs such as bookcases and wardrobes.In terms of co-renting, This year, Free will release two versions of its “Friends 7.0” product, including a limited edition concept version and a tribute to the century-old Bauhaus style version.The former is tailored for Chinese young people by The chief product officer Fan Minjun and sold in limited quantities, while the latter is jointly developed and built by the German design team with ingenuity. Both are simple, functional and practical, and more suitable for young people’s preferences and tastes.With the rapid growth of free housing contract, free intelligent home decoration also shows a strong delivery capacity.Data show that the annual delivery of home decoration is 75,000, more than 300 suppliers, freely is a worthy of the name of “large home decoration company”, and intelligent home decoration is one of the important directions of the future development of freely home decoration.According to reports, freely intelligent home decoration in the decoration process, continuous research and development process standards, with 139 processes, more than 270 acceptance standards, 98 standard process, 39 days of standard construction period to ensure high quality delivery.Xiong Lin said, “let the decoration is no longer upset, the need to control all the decoration process, and constantly improve, to let the owners more worry.”For the following market layout, Zfreely will continue to increase the investment and development efforts in the fields of mode, rental products, home decoration, home clothing and so on, and constantly strive to improve the quality of products and services, looking forward to achieving greater growth breakthroughs in the future.For more highlights, check out Pinecone Finance