Spring Tide by Shi Chuique, first person Xiao Tian Wen

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“Spring Tide” author: The world blowing sparrow copywriting: male main: Song Yu Female main: Chen No no ending: HE Book Review: Warm and spoiled pseudo Sea King VS Ming Yan clever small work essence, before douban read the annual list of pictures of a, the first person small sweet text, age difference of five, two master battle, in fact all rely on the pack!There’s a hint of low End Gamer…At the beginning of two people go is poor female college students and swanton son brother people set, talking about the underground love of Platonic type, she clearly male master also keep three lovers, also not rare into his world declared the identity of his girlfriend, enjoy male master gentle spoil, had to say that this really killed her!Did not expect to go to the resort hotel part-time job, found that the male is not only a chain barber shop boss, the hotel is also his!She still walked into his world, heard all kinds of gossip about him, boy, but really good, the three lovers also appeared in succession…She on the one hand know the rules of the game, anyway is to play!On the other hand can not control the heart knot, obviously care about but don’t care, she does not want to lose!Of course, male master and taste not head pain, just secretly pleased she was jealous of him, the next second found that she was using him to help people fight for favors to earn tips!Male master heart bitter but people set and can not collapse, this X installed can really nima oppression oh!But the girl who is spoiled by himself, of course, must continue to spoil!Men to Japanese is really in the mouth afraid of melt, holding in the hand afraid of falling, even kiss are careful, until she actively flirted with him down him, men also worried that she will not regret, of course, once the car opened, there is no end…At the beginning of two people just know, she said she liked a lotharding man, from now on the male master on the road of no return, good dead also just send three “lovers”, one is a friend to keep in his name, two is a friend home to play degenerate daughter, three is dumped him and go back with baby first love…Words she also have a slag first love, and later became her stepbrother, had been she found he just want to sleep with her, decisive timely withdraw, but cheating with female feelings of man is still dead, from time to time to the name of brother skipped, here will make a misunderstanding, male master think she like a lothier son is slag first love difficult flat…This car men think they are surrogates, such as men first love debut, that car women also think they are surrogates!Come on, come on, let the storm come more violent, two people must break out, a knot matter said, tear off the disguise, real delivery of body and mind, so sweet is really sweet!Finally there will be male perspective, decisive is more red fruit of the sugar spoil drowning!