LPL beauty photo fine repair, Pupil xi lovely and charming, Luo Xin elegant intellectual, small yu pure desire and clever

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Now almost all girls will be fine after taking pictures, otherwise it will not be sent, this phenomenon is very popular in the artist circle.For example, LPL’s beautiful women are already beautiful, but every time they post beautiful photos, they are refined.This time we will take a look at pupil xi, Luo Xin, small yu three beautiful women’s fine repair photos after all how amazing.Will see the fine repair photo of Pupil evening first, look lovely and attractive, the feeling is ideal cummer.Tong Xi is also LPL female commentator, but she seems to be more inclined to LCK.The recent LCK matches were too good, T1 finally beat GEN to win the championship.She also predicted 3:2, but didn’t expect 3:1.T1 after the championship, Tong Xi also expressed love for Faker, really like Li Ge so good player, who can not like it?Luo xin’s refined photos look more mature, which is a big contrast to her younger style, but this photo still looks elegant and intellectual and beautiful.Luo Xin has also been in LPL for a long time, and she is best known for her love affair with Wang.The two even resigned from LPL to be together, and Wang remembers saying, “The second brother chose her.”Things were negative at the time, but their love was touching.Will see the fine repair photo of small yu finally, look pure desire clever, not kui is LPL facade representative.The time that small yu enters LPL is very long also, compare at the beginning with now rise she also is two kinds of situation really.At the beginning, xiao Yu was not very popular, but now that she has a boyfriend Rookie, she is becoming more and more familiar to netizens.Now, however, she is becoming more and more famous, so the title of “Rookie girlfriend” is becoming less and less influential, which in the end is the reason for her own efforts.Above we all say is fine repair photo, so next we take a look at xiao Yu’s young young photos, and not too excessive repair picture.Below is a picture of Xiao Yu at a very early time, with baby fat on her face. Although she has not been refined, she looks very comfortable, like her first girlfriend.We should be able to experience, the former small yu and now small yu and there is no big difference, so this can prove that small yu did not have plastic surgery experience.I have to say that Xiao Yu is too beautiful, her foundation is really very good.So sometimes small yu is in tiger tooth when start broadcasting, basically be light makeup a mirror, even sometimes can plain yan start broadcasting, because she does have such capital.Pupil xi, luo Xin, small yu 3 beauties are belong to the kind of lovely pure type, do you feel whose appearance level is a few higher?