Company registered address included in the abnormal face consequences

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This is “Wanbang accounting” for your service 2784 days, wish today is a good day!The company registered address included in the abnormal will face what kind of consequences?About this problem, the company registered in Handan wanbang accounting xiaobian take you to understand in detail.A, the industrial and commercial into abnormal revocation of business license company address will be included in the industrial and commercial departments of abnormal business directory, that is, often said “abnormal household”, at the moment the enterprise can only apply for abnormal lifting can continue to operate, if the specified time is not lifted, then the license will be revoked.Second, affect the corporate image and credibility in the era of industry and commerce and tax information sharing, if the tax bureau is aware of the enterprise tax registration address and industrial and commercial registration address is not the same, and because the company address change did not apply on time caused by the loss of contact with the tax bureau, the tax bureau will determine the enterprise as “escape”.After an enterprise is listed as a “runaway account”, its export tax rebate, input deduction and invoicing will be locked and restricted by the system;The company’s tax credit rating will be rated D;Corporate executives will also be blacklisted, preventing them from applying for loans and pensions.Due to the abnormal address of the company, the company has been included in the abnormal list for three years, and the failure to perform the publicity will be included in the list of the most illegal enterprises and publicity.Even after the abnormality is removed, the bad records of such a company cannot be deleted and will always follow the company, which will affect the company’s image and reputation among partners and hinder the company’s future development.3. Not Allowed to Participate in Government procurement and Bidding Operation Enterprises involved in government procurement or bidding will not be allowed to participate in government procurement or bidding if the company is listed in the list of enterprises with abnormal operation or serious violation of the law due to its abnormal address.Therefore, the abnormal address of the company, even if it can still operate normally, but the later development of the enterprise has been blocked.When the registered address of the enterprise is different from the actual operating address or can not be contacted, resulting in abnormal listed company address, be sure to cancel on time.2022 Handan agent registered company will find wan Bang accounting, wan Gang plan free registered company help entrepreneurship!Partners have handan agent of industrial and commercial registration, handan agent of tax accounting, handan agent of registered trademarks, handan agent of cancellation of the company, handan agent of business license, social security provident fund and other problems, do not understand can consult wanbang accounting!If you think this article is good, please don’t forget to share it in your moments!!Your help is the best support for us. Thank you very much