Blue alert!A snowstorm of more than 10 millimeters will hit these parts of Shaanxi on The night of June 26

2022-06-02 0 By

Shaanxi Meteorological Observatory issued a blue alert at 11 am on January 26. It is expected that some parts of Shaanxi will see heavy snow and snowstorm from 20 PM on January 26 to 20 PM on January 27.At that time, there will be small to medium snow in the southern part of northern Shaanxi, guanzhong and southern Shaanxi will be more than 5 mm of snow, including qinling-Bashan mountain area will be more than 10 mm of snow, transportation, railway, aviation, power, communication will be affected, facility agriculture is threatened.In addition, affected by rain and snow, guanzhong, southern Shaanxi most of the visibility is low.1. The government and relevant departments shall implement measures to prevent snow disaster and freezing damage according to their responsibilities;2. Transportation, railway, electric power and communication departments shall strengthen the inspection and maintenance of roads, railways and lines, and do a good job in road clearing and snow melting;3. Pedestrians should pay attention to anti-skid, drivers should drive carefully, vehicles should take anti-skid measures;4. In farming and pastoral areas and breeding and breeding industries, adequate feed should be prepared for snow disaster and freezing damage;5. Temporary structures that are easy to be crushed by snow, such as reinforced scaffolds.Source: westnet