A disaster in history: guanzhong earthquake, the Yellow River back water, affected 830,000 people

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Guide language: in front of nature, human often is the most fragile, flood, drought, earthquake, mountain collapse, typhoon, tsunami seized how many people precious life.In these natural disasters, we are really unpredictable.And earthquakes are a huge disaster.The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake disaster, affecting every one of our hearts.And the impact of the earthquake is unimaginable.The guanzhong Earthquake, which occurred during the Ming Dynasty, took place at 24 hours on January 23, 1556.Given the timing, the quake struck at night, making it one of the worst disasters ever recorded.According to statistics, the number of people affected by the Wenchuan earthquake reached more than eighty thousand people, guanzhong earthquake by the number of disaster up to eighty-three million people.Among the sixty-one life-like stone statues in front of the mausoleum where Wu Zetian and Li Zhi are buried, none have heads, most appropriately because their heads were knocked off by the Great Guanzhong earthquake.From these can be seen, guanzhong earthquake tragic intensity.According to historical data “Ming History” records, at that time the earthquake occurred in many places at the same time, the flat depression, the ground cracked springs, the army and civilians were crushed to death nearly 800,000 people, which is unimaginable in the society at that time.In the Ming Dynasty, the trees on the Loess Plateau had suffered a great degree of damage, but the Guanzhong earthquake made the Loess plateau collapse, and a large number of rocks fell and blocked the Yellow River, which directly caused the water of the Yellow River to flow back up, creating huge cracks.Since the earthquake occurred mainly in Huaxian county, Shaanxi Province, where many people were living in caves, many people fell into the huge crevices in their sleep and were never seen again.Although the people had stored a large amount of grain, most of it was buried by loess.After the earthquake, the weather was cold and there was not enough food for basic survival.Many of them froze to death or even starved to death.Faced with such a situation, the local county government was short of manpower and did not know where to start. As a result, the bodies were everywhere, and related diseases and infectious diseases began to spread.It is common knowledge that earthquakes are often followed by aftershocks.After the end of the guanzhong earthquake, due to the severity of the earthquake caused by the aftershocks have not subsided for a long time.Modern historians have inferred from historical records that the guanzhong earthquake had a magnitude of at least eight and affected the surrounding provinces.After the earthquake, the Ming government did not have enough energy to deal with the disaster, which caused many people to lose their homes.Due to the lack of government support and food shortage, those who survived the earthquake collapsed in the snow and never stood up again.In addition to these, after the earthquake also happened a puzzling thing, that is, some of the guanzhong area of the landscape has undergone a great change, for example, the Weihe river extended nearly four or five miles to the north, which led to the occurrence of famine.May see from the quake, a policy to make timely and help the government how important it is, since we don’t have the ability to prevent these natural disasters occur, then we will do our best to minimize disaster losses, let more people to regain power and hope to continue to live.After the wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the government urgently dispatched the military and civilian army to the disaster area for rescue. A large number of volunteers and warm-hearted people are constantly promising to go to the disaster area. They all want to do their part to help others.The constant flow of convoys with supplies shows the unity and unity of the Chinese people in the face of disaster.Conclusion: We are lucky to live in this era of advanced science and technology and highly developed productivity. In our previous experience and history, we have summarized and innovated a set of effective post-disaster relief measures.Flood, epidemic, in front of these disasters, the Chinese people never flinch, but march forward, to fight floods, fight epidemic contributed their own strength.And because of that unity in our bones, we have won victory after victory.