Two minutes 17 seconds 112!Han Woo-tong qualified for the 1500 meters final, South Korea will set an Olympic record!

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China’s Zhang Chutong, Han Yutong and Zhang Yuting competed in the women’s 1500m short-track speed skating semifinals at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 16, 2018.In the semifinal, Zhang Yuting and Zhang Chutong both failed to advance to the final, Han Yutong was the second group result into the final.Zhang started in group 1 of the semifinals. After the start, Zhang was in first place in laps 3 and 4, but her ranking dropped all the way down. After 10 laps, Zhang dropped to seventh place, and her final time was 2:26.717, which was the seventh place among the seven competitors.Han and Zhang Yuting started in group 3 of the semifinals. After the start, Zhang Yuting ranked second and Han Yutong ranked seventh.In the last 10 laps, Han was still ranked second, and Han was still ranked seventh.In the last six laps, Zhang slipped to third place, and with five laps to go, Zhang regained second place.The final two laps sprint Zhang Yuting slipped, and Han Rose to the second position.In the third group, Han ranked second in 2:17.112 and qualified for the final.But Zhang Yuting 2 minutes 18.75 seconds, no promotion to the final.In this group, Choi Min-jeong of South Korea set a new Olympic record of 2:16.831.