The police were surprised and delighted to receive a thank-you letter of more than 2800 words

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“I never thought I’d get my skis back. Thank you so much.”On April 1, the Altay public Security Bureau received a long letter of thanks.In the letter, Ms. Guo recounted in detail her first ski trip to Xinjiang.Thank you letter from Ms. Guo.On March 12, Ms. Guo, from Chengdu, Sichuan province, left a skis worth 2,900 yuan in the general Mountain ski resort in Altay after skiing. When she went to look for it the next day, it had disappeared.Then, Ms. Guo to ski resort patrol police for help.After a three-hour investigation, the police found that the skis had been taken by mistake by another skier, so they found their contact information.But Ms. Guo and each other add wechat, because two skis belong to the same style, so the process is not smooth.So, Ms. Guo overnight to altay city public Security Bureau jiefang Road police station for help.The police Yerlan Habdirikhan after communication and coordination, after several twists and turns will have been brought to the sea of cocoa skis back, and sent to Ms. Guo.”Thank you so much,” guo said excitedly. “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have found my skis.”What impressed Ms. Guo more was that in the process of Yerlan helping her find skis, another girl who lost her mobile phone was also successfully recovered with yerlan’s help.Ms. Guo saw Yerlan busy even breakfast did not eat, very moved, back to Chengdu, wrote a long letter sent back to altay city public Security Bureau.The policemen read the thank-you notes together.Altay City Public Security Bureau for map things have been more than half a month, the police did not expect to receive Ms. Guo’s letter of thanks, but did not expect Ms. Guo remember every detail.Although it was just a thank-you letter, the police felt that behind it was the public’s satisfaction, recognition and trust in public security work.Source: Pomegranate Cloud/Xinjiang Legal Daily reporter Yang Rui Correspondent Zhou Tao Li Xueping