Is it possible to park overnight in the highway service area?An expert tells the truth

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In the past, when cars were a luxury item, few families owned cars, so fewer people knew how to drive, fewer cars were on the road and fewer accidents occurred.Nowadays, the price of cars has dropped to such a low level that every family can buy a car for their family, so there are more and more cars on the road.The car is really very convenient, whether it is People’s Daily travel, or weekend holidays self-driving travel, a car can play a very big role.In China, you need to get a driver’s license if you want to drive a car. However, there is a big difference between learning in driving schools and the actual road conditions, which leads to many people who get a license will not drive once they get on the road.In the city road, due to the speed of the relatively strict restrictions, even if there is an accident, the harm is not particularly big, but high speed above because of the speed too fast, once an accident, is a tragedy.In an effort to reduce highway casualties, the state has made it a year before new drivers with licenses can drive alone on highways. Previously, they had to be accompanied by older drivers.Expressways are specially used to connect distant areas, usually starting dozens of kilometers, in order to improve traffic efficiency, the speed limit above the highway is relatively high, generally can run to 120 kilometers per hour.Driving at such a speed requires good driving skills and rich driving experience.Because if the response is not timely, it is very likely to lead to traffic accidents.It is also because of the higher risk of driving on the highway, so there are many requirements for driving on the highway, these requirements are to allow drivers to be alert and smooth driving.Fatigue driving is usually the most common problem on the highway, because the distance on the highway is very long, the driver needs to keep focused driving for a long time, which is very energy consuming, if you can’t get a rest in time, it is easy to appear fatigue driving.However, there is no parking place on the highway. Some people may say that the emergency lane can be parked, but the emergency lane is specially used for emergency use, and only when the car breaks down can it be parked on the emergency lane.If you park your car in the emergency lane just to sleep, it is clearly a violation of traffic regulations. If you fall asleep and occupy the emergency lane, causing a safety accident, the driver who stops will take full responsibility.So, how to rest on the highway?There is only one place, and that is the service area. As anyone who runs the highway knows, every other distance there is a special service area on the highway, where you can eat, go to the bathroom and park your car temporarily.However, the service area itself does not have a hotel, so the only way to rest is to sleep in the car, while the high-speed service area allows free parking for long periods of time, usually six hours.The time limit here is mainly for the convenience of the vehicles behind to park and rest. After all, the high-speed service area is a public resource. If unlimited parking is allowed, the problem of occupying public resources will occur.Therefore, high-speed service areas usually limit the parking time, if more than 6 hours, will charge the driver overtime, so if you want to sleep in high-speed service areas, be sure to control the rest time, preferably not overnight.So how do you tell when you’re parked?There is a simple way, when the car enters the high speed, there will be a consumption record, according to the time on the corresponding alarm can be set.When setting the alarm clock, we must pay attention to reserve some time to come out, not stuck in 6 hours, because after a sleep, people will have a period of confusion, during this period of time if driving is very prone to accidents, it is best to slow for 20 minutes or so, so that the brain to restore the complete awake state.Whether a novice driver or an old driver, when running at high speed, rest is necessary. If you pay attention to high-speed traffic accidents, it is not difficult to find that many accidents are caused by excessive fatigue and distraction of the driver.Car driving itself is a very risky thing, and on the highway, the risk coefficient will be greatly increased, because the high speed of the car is too fast, even if the reaction to slow down the brake, the car will be in a huge inertia accident.Therefore, when driving on the highway, the driver must always keep the most focused state of mind, and this state is difficult to maintain for a long time, and people are especially easy to get tired, so it is necessary to rest for a period of time.In addition to taking a quick break at a motorway service area, there are some ways to reduce driving fatigue. First, take a good rest before driving on the highway to keep your energy levels up. Second, have some pick-me-up items.Driving has risks, the road needs to be cautious, every driver, whether novice or old driver, should be tense at all times, so that can be steady and long.