Equipped with 2.0T+ OnStar, the most cost-effective Cadillac XT6

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OnStar is equipped with OnStar system. In addition to familiar navigation, hands-free phone and vehicle condition detection functions, OnStar system also has on-board 4G LTE Wi-Fi, which has strong signal reception capacity to ensure the stability of our network.Unique security system, no matter when and where can ensure the safety of the vehicle;The key is the collision automatic help and emergency rescue system, which can respond to all kinds of emergencies encountered by car owners at the first time. In case of danger, Onstar can not only provide rescue at the first minute, but also help passers-by to solve unexpected problems.In terms of quality of service, Onstar is really a ten.Overall, Cadillac XT6 performance in all aspects of this car is very good, with luxury configuration, abundant space, and good quality, enough to stand out in the same level models, compared with the BBA large suvs also more cost-effective, more than 30 or 40 could buy a level of medium and the BMW X5 SUV and that kind of sweet.Three to four hundred thousand yuan can buy a BMW X5 level of medium and large SUV, can you believe it?Cadillac brand has a high reputation in the domestic automobile market, with its high quality and luxurious configuration, has won excellent sales, but also won the recognition of consumers.Today, we introduce Cadillac XT6 2022 2.0T six-seat four-wheel drive luxury model.Cadillac XT6, as a medium and large SUV, with its large body size and excellent space performance, the actual shooting model is a six-seat model, which is more in line with the needs of two-child families.The rear part of this car adopts a lot of lines to outline a rich sense of layering, and the delicate taillight on both sides is smoked, which looks sharper and brings more excellent visual effect and high recognition.Appearance, adopted family design language, overall modelling design is very magnificent, face before using the large size of shield intake grille design, use for filling out a little bit of the design of the matrix, and internal for the processing of the blackened type, there is a Cadillac escalade both visual sense, with sharp on both sides of modelling of lamps and daytime running, bring the aura.On the side of the body, the strong body lines look full of strength. With its length of more than five meters, this car looks very slim and domineous. With the large size of the wheel hub modeling, it further enhances the sense of sport of the vehicle.Interior design, the use of family style, the overall luxury atmosphere is very in place, equipped with a three-type multi-functional steering wheel, and the use of leather material to cover, with a more delicate feel.And equipped with the main and passenger seat airbags, front side airbags, front and rear head airbags and other safety configuration.The design of the central control area is very clean and luxurious, equipped with a large size of the central control screen, the control panel below is touch-controlled design, with electronic handle, to create a stronger scientific and technological atmosphere.Back row space, the owner of luxury configuration and large space, you can see, the height of 1 meter 7, sit inside the leg space performance is very good, and the second row seat can before and after the adjustment, the seat padding is very honest, and very big, had a very good package, there is a American big sofa.Now let’s look at the space performance of the third row, the space performance of the third row is still ok, you can look at the legroom, and the head room is still very abundant.In terms of power, this car is equipped with a 2.0T variable cylinder engine, the most;Big & # 39;Power 174 kW, maximum 39;Big & # 39;With 350 nm of torque, it is matched by a nine-gear automatic transmission.