President of biH Olympic Committee: I deeply admire and feel relieved about the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

2022-05-31 0 By

Sarajevo, January 31 (Xinhua)Bih Olympic Committee (BIH) President Aleksandr Kvesic said Thursday that the head of the BiH sports delegation has arrived in Beijing to prepare for the Winter Olympic Games. The BiH side is deeply impressed and relieved to see China’s preparations for the Games in an orderly manner.On the same day, g WeiXiQi and Chinese ambassador to bosnia and herzegovina JiPing, sarajevo, mayor of Carrie, east new city district’s Katie sarajevo, attended the square in the center of the city to the east new district sarajevo sarajevo held two “Chinese culture experience area” launching ceremony, experience area aims to celebrate Chinese New Year of the tiger and the Beijing Olympics is holding.In his speech, Kvesic said that the head of the Bih sports delegation has arrived in Beijing and witnessed China’s orderly preparations for the Games, which the Bosnian side deeply admires and feels relieved.He said he was confident that China would put on an outstanding Winter Olympics despite the ongoing epidemic.He wished the Olympians of the two countries great success.Six bih athletes will compete in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and luge.(after)